Blurb your enthusiasm

Kevin Brennan’s initiative in selling Fascination directly to readers is in itself a fascinating tactic. And to judge from his previous work, his latest is likely to be well worth reading.


Cover cropFascination is a curious little book, and I wouldn’t want you to buy a copy without knowing what you’re getting yourself into. It’s part picaresque, part morality play, and it covers plenty of territory across our great land. Route 66 looks like a cul de sac compared to the voyage of our heroes, Sally and Clive.

Stay tuned for a sample of the book tomorrow, and you’ll be able to land your own personalized copy on Monday.



It’s a road picture (with pictures)…

It’s the novel you buy straight from the author …

It’s a novel about self-realization and vengeance …

It’s a novel about the pointless journey of a grieving young widow — Sally Pavlou — and a lovestruck private investigator — Clive Bridle — looking for the dead man who done Sally wrong …

It’s a novel about postponing the inevitable and rushing to…

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12 thoughts on “Blurb your enthusiasm

  1. mimispeike says:

    Needless to say, I’m fascinated, can’t wait to read more. About the book of course, but especially about the process. This is kinda what I’m thinking of with my bumper stickers, etc.

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  2. Perry Palin says:

    Like GD, love the enthusiasm of the pitch. I wish Kevin well with this. The link is to his own site, and he still has to get people to his site somehow.


  3. mimispeike says:

    A picaresque, pointless journey. Kevin, you’re talking my language. I also have an On The Road story going.

    I’ll sneak this in here on the excuse of talking about enthusiasm. I’m working out the look for my on-line novella, structure, fonts, graphics. I have two chapters together. The novella consists of fourteen in all. When I have maybe four in place, and the art created, I will make it public. I am very happy with it so far, but I don’t believe it can be turned into an ebook. I have a very designed, graphical look. That’s why I’m hoping a pdf may be useable on a Kindle. I would jettison the bits of frou-frou on the right and the left and display only the center column of text with simple spot images.


    • Thanks for your support. And I’m all for finding new ways to get our work out there before willing eyeballs. After all, what works for one writer might not be right for everyone.

      Good luck with your novella!


  4. mimispeike says:

    When the time comes for the big push: hand out flyers in Times Square, bumper stickers mailed to contacts all over the country, a companion paper doll book of my characters. A board game. (I’m inspired by some of the vintage board games I’ve collected.)

    What I hope to learn from you is how to turn text and images into an ebook. I am eager to see how you handle it in your new book. Can you think of any examples of graphics-inclusive books on Amazon? I search for children’s books, but have found nothing helpful. There must be illustrated ebooks. We handle them at work. I don’t get to see the result, the work is done in India, we manage the traffic between India and the publisher.

    Some of them have to turn up on Amazon, sooner or later. The typical format, an illustration and a line of type under, I understand that is no big problem. The books with type and image integrated, that’s what I need to see.

    I sure hope you can advise me as I stumble toward ebook publication.


    • I have to admit I haven’t tried to find illustrated ebooks, and since many e-readers don’t have a color display the effect of a lot of illustrations is lost. But for people who read on tablets and phones and laptops, the high-def quality of good photos helps them really pop.

      For the record, I took a very simple approach for this book, inserting photos into my source doc and then converting it to a pdf. That way there was no ebook formatting to be done, and I could make my pages look the way I wanted them to.

      Feel free to comment on my blog as I go forward with this next week!

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  5. mimispeike says:

    Well that’s what I want to do (pdfs), but I’ve wondered how readable the text would be on those small(ish) Kindle screens.

    No color on a Kindle! Why am I told at work to image the picture books in color? Maybe in anticipation of Kindle displaying color down the line? We have turned many-many vintage storybooks into ebooks. What, do kids view them on the home computer?

    Why do I get such shit about my pdf idea? (From many sources, on many sites.) I’m told again and again: Seventy percent (or thereabouts) of a certain demographic (young adults) use nothing but a mobile device anymore. I’m shooting myself in the foot with my short-sighted strategy. I refuse to compromise my look (more than I’ve already done). I am having a whale of a good time with my fonts. And I snake my text round my images, so easy in inDesign, with the wrap-around feature, a royal pain in Wix, but do-able, with caution, care and fore-thought.

    I’m nowhere near ready, but I’m trying to collect names of book-talk editors on various sites, to send teaser quotes, great graphics, etc. Of the big-exposure sites, Salon and Slate seem to be the most promising. Especially Salon. Daily Beast is good on books too. All-out war on an indifferent world is what I have in mind. I perceive that we both think way outside the box.

    I have no problem making a fool of myself, in total sync with the spirit of my book. Hey, I’ve been called a froot-loop most of my life, I’m used to it. Screw the beaten-path methods. I’ll do it my way. I take my cue from no one.

    Wait. I take cues plenty, but story-wise. There’s a piece on Slate today, on historical confessionals. Some early examples suggest to me a Punch-and-Judy set up. Find a link to the article on my Facebook page.

    I have a marvelously whacky new idea. I’m psyched.


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