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What I Did This Weekend.

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 10.50.16 AM.pngScreen Shot 2016-08-15 at 10.50.49 AM.pngScreen Shot 2016-08-15 at 10.51.21 AM.png

I’m searching for something to write about. I’m not ready to do another post on serials. That entails a lot of digging.

Kevin has certainly inspired me, not that I needed it, to consider alternatives to the sort of pain that Atthys has just described. My website still has a ways to go. Real bells-and-whistles mailers, with my own art created, are also a slow-go.

While I agonize over a style, I’m working on a table of contents for my novella, all type, but eye-catching, I love to fool around with fonts. I had to do this screen shot in three pieces, you can see the breaks, or at least I can. I see plenty that still need messing with. This is not the final, but it’s close.

I’m thinking a three-fold piece, on the left a synopsis, the center as shown, the right a simple paper doll, with hat and boots.

Who will I send this out to? I have no mailing list. I’ll send it out to editors, publishers, etc., dug out of the Marketplace books, to get the ball rolling. It will be cheap to print, why the hell not? Somebody tell me, why the hell not?

At worst, I’ll have a portfolio piece. Ha! Like I’m ever going to look for another job. I’m seventy-fucking-years old in two weeks.


8 thoughts on “What I Did This Weekend.

  1. Perry Palin says:

    Mimi, good luck with this and let us know how/when it succeeds. We need approaches that work. Yours might be different enough to catch some eyes.

    70 is not old. I attended a community gathering this weekend in the rural place where I grew up. The trim, white haired Helen at the reception desk said, “i’ve been thinking about you lately.” I bet she says that to all the unescorted men. I sat down and visited with her a bit. I had a thing for her older daughter in high school, 50 years ago. The daughter and I went our separate ways, but I remember this mom. She was really neat. When I left the gathering hours later I stopped to say goodbye. Helen said, “Don’t you do hugs?” I hugged her carefully; I’m about twice her size. She is fit and sharp, and 90 years old. Probably flirting with all the guys. 70 is nothing.

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  2. mimispeike says:

    I’m developing a look that will work in a variety of ways. It adds interest and color to my chapters, which, aside from a tinted text box and color in the headlines, are monochromatic. It makes for enough of a fun page that I will only be wanting one spot illustration per chapter. The first chapter will have an illustration I did of Sly (then called Puss) twenty years ago, a peek at the history of the critter. All I have to do is find the folder it’s in, that I took out of my file cabinet and set aside to go through. There may be more in there that I can use.

    My Wix expert consultant has convinced me that I must narrow-up my pages and get within the recommended width, so I have decided to drop the side-bar idea and stick with straight footnotes. But the restrained use of decorative type will break up paragraph after paragraph of body type. I may do pull quotes in the same style. This look will translate into mailers and posters seamlessly, for a unified presentation.

    The above piece can take the place of a conventional synopsis. You get a feel for story, for voice, for the humor, and a hint that this is going to be a very visual experience.

    Finally, I can’t stand the typical synopsis: When Peggy met Randy, she never could have guessed … That kind of thing really turns me off. I would rather see a verbatim paragraph and a stylish wrap-up. I am designing an approach that would pique my interest, and hope that it pleases other eyes as well.

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  3. atthysgage says:

    I like the whole idea of sidebars and interleaved text but I can see why it would be impossible on an eBook. The last long chapter of Dahlgren by Delany uses multiple blocks of text on the pages, like diary entries crowded willy nilly onto the crammed pages of a chaotic journal. Some go on for pages, and you have to page back to find the sections you missed. I wonder how that works on a Kindle?

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  4. mimispeike says:

    I know that I will have to rethink the set up for an ebook.

    First, I get the site going. Get the novella up. Start with a pdf like Kevin is doing. My Wix Design Expert, one of the leaders of a group on Facebook, seems to be very knowledgable, from the questions I see him answering.

    Understand the answers? I don’t even understand the questions! He is advising and assisting me on an app called Join Me for a reasonable fee. He knows ebooks in addition to the niceties of Wix. I don’t doubt he can help me come up with a satisfactory solution for an ebook when I’m finally needing one.

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  5. mimispeike says:

    I’m getting it up, chapter by chapter. It will go up missing most of the (projected) art. Then you can answer a few questions for me on one particular issue that my editor brought up (in addition to wondering how Sly talks to dogs) while I get the images together.

    It won’t be in shape to be public yet, but it will be readable. I want to consult again with my Wix guy, and I want to reconfigure my two intro pages before I do that. I’m dragging my feet, because I love them as they are, but I know I have to slim them down.

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  6. mimispeike says:

    Yeah? Well, what about the pig, huh? The chickens, the hedgehog, the frogs. I say he had a gift for languages, and, growing up in a barnyard, he picked it all up. Like kids do, it comes easy at a young age.

    When he runs into the monkey at Queen Elizabeth’s court, that’s another ball game. But he thinks she understands him, she puts on a good act of understanding. That’s her schtick at court, to entertain, to pretend to participate in the conversation. She has him fooled for a good long time.

    It’s like with me and German. I can’t make those sounds, not well, I’ve given up trying. I understand a lot, but having studied Romance languages in school, I can’t do guttural. I even have trouble hearing what the sounds consist of.

    The monkey, so human-like in so many ways, he makes a lot of assumptions about her mental capacity. She simpers, makes eyes at him, and he thinks her adorably coy. When she’s had too much vino, she tears off her dress and swings naked from the rafters. (She’s dressed as grandly as the queen, she’s Gloriana’s mini-me.) Sly eats it up, the fine lady by day, the whore come nightfall, the best of both worlds.


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