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Nothing substantial in the pipeline, so I’m cobbling a quickie. (Not that this piece is substantial, but it’s something.) Fun, anyway. Useful, maybe, to some.

I say we all need to think more pro-actively. We sit around waiting for the world to come to us, we’re gonna be waiting one damn long time.

To quote Mark Knopfler: It may be a game but I won’t play to lose.

Don’t scorn the old-fashioned basics. Don’t depend on the web to spread the word. Flyers, mailers, I’m going to try it all.

I’m researching bumper stickers. I see not only bumper stickers, but magnets, decals, and labels in a variety of sizes and shapes (like those I Voted Today labels you get on Election Day) for a modest price.

The bumper stickers cost a bit more than I had thought – around a dollar each. Can’t pass them out like sticks of chewing gum for that. It will have to be a more targeted give-away. Maybe they can be had for less, I’ve only begun to explore. I had hoped for around fifty cents each.

Magnets seem to run around fifty cents. (In quantities.) Any sticker or magnet can be die cut. Very exciting! Adds to the cost, I’m sure. All items are on thin, flexible vinyl. Weather resistant, durable.

A character from your story, with contact info (get your websites going) would be great fun, especially if it were Old Spice. GD, let’s figure out what he looks like.

Decals, plastered, say, in the NYC subway system, would that be illegal? Could it get you arrested? Anybody know?

I recall that the artist Keith Haring started his career by defacing posters in the Manhattan subway tunnels. Mysterious doodles, unsigned, got him a lot of attention. People were mad to know what the Radiant Babies meant. When he finally revealed himself, the press jumped on it.

Whoa! Now I’m researching Haring, looking for a representative image to post here. Damn! He’s got a bunch of stuff that seems to depict – can’t think of the word. What do they call it when you screw animals? Animalia? That doesn’t sound right.

Well, look. I found Keith’s little stand-up (cardboard?) sculpture of a sort-of Keep on Truckin’ figure. That would work for Sly. A 3-D paperdoll, leg raised, you bend it forward into a cake-walk. (I’ll go research R. Crumb now.)

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 4.12.47 PM.png

One of the guys in my seventies group house-hippie paradise painted a huge R. Crumb figure, much like this one, on the wall of the bathroom. And the motto – Keep On Trucking.

He was into Crumb.

The perfect way to display an outrageous wardrobe of boots. What’ja think? Wouldn’t that be great?

I’d make it great.


5 responses to “Anything Goes.”

  1. GD Deckard Avatar
    GD Deckard

    Hi Mimi,

    Remember 🙂 getting arrested can be publicity. Practice your perp walk.

    As for a representative image, you could throw a contest. Use the contest to gain attention & to spread the word.

    – GD

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  2. mimispeike Avatar

    Getting arrested can be publicity.

    That has already occurred to me. NSU, people!! (No stone unturned.)

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  3. atthysgage Avatar

    Love the way you think, Mimi. Keep on throwing stuff and something’s bound to stick.
    (BTW, I think bestiality is the word you’re looking for.)

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  4. mimispeike Avatar

    Bumper stickers, definitely. But decals may be more cost effective. Small, more to the printed sheet. I saw the sizes 3×3 and 4×4. If I can get them for a quarter each, plus the cost of transit and hotel, I’d scatter them all over NYC. And, the Boston system. And, maybe, a jaunt to DC.

    How many days of exposure before they are ripped down? I may have to do a small-scale trial run. I’d post lots of them at child eye-level, grin-face Sly, scowl-face Sly, winking Sly, a variety of looks, to stop kiddies (and their parents) in their tracks.

    Keep in mind that this is the kind of money a big publisher would have to pay to promote you the way they used to, if they believed in you. My husband and I have it to spend, though we are not what I would call well off. We are somewhat secure, that’s the best I can say. That’s why Eberhard and I are both still working, at 70 and 78. We’re taking no chances.

    Do I believe in my thing? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. And, this is my retirement hobby. My hobby used to be collecting, dolls, vintage Christmas ornaments, early twentieth century art pottery – when I met him, my husband shut that pricy pursuit down real fast. I treasure the dozen fine pieces that I possess. I was a serial collector. For a while, antique pen-wipers, for God’s sake. My focus is now on Sly, and I’m willing to pay to play.

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