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Tomb Of The Unknown Writer

Note: The following is but a whimsical filler, cobbled from bits of my current WIP, Bob Vs The Aliens, because there’s nothing else in the hopper. C’mon you guys, write a blog & draft it so Curtis can schedule it. Nobody wants to keep reading fillers…  although, I hope you enjoy this one.

+++“Look, a park,” said Piper.
+++“Could be a golf course,” Bob thought aloud.
+++“It’s a cemetery,” Old Spice said. The fat little Alien had the advantage of built-in GPS. “We can spend the night in the Caretaker’s Shack.”
+++Bob looked at Piper. He wasn’t going to admit an unwillingness to sleep among the dead and from her expression, he surmised neither would she. “Fine.” Together, the couple braked the railroad hand car to a stop where a gravel path crossed the tracks. Poppies lined the path leading them to a small cottage. Inside, they found a front reception area and a side room, apparently a gift shop.
+++The Alien winked at the ventriloquist doll on his arm. “Look, Lizbeth. A gift shop. Would you like a souvenir?” The doll nodded, “Yes! Yes!” Inside, they found the shop empty. “Looted!” exclaimed Lizbeth. “Zombies?”
+++“Uh, unlikely,” Bob told her, wondering why he bothered.
+++“Maybe this wasn’t a gift shop.” Piper read from brochures on a table by the back door. “‘Read A Book While You Can.’  These are authors’ invites to book readings.”
+++The back door opened onto a tiny secluded garden where a skeleton, outstretched over a pile of books, reached for a tomb. The stone tomb resembled an outhouse. Above the door were carved big letters, “THRONE OF UNKNOWN WRITERS,” and names were chiseled into the marble door. The skeleton clutched a chisel in one hand and a hammer in the other.
+++“Well, he almost made it,” noted Lizbeth.


6 thoughts on “Tomb Of The Unknown Writer

  1. mimispeike says:

    OK, GD, I’m working on a piece now, in response to you, above, and to Curtis’ email mentioning extending our reach.

    I may call it Fake It Till You Make It.

    Or, What Came First, The Chicken Or The Egg?

    Or, We’ve Got Brand New Eyes Here, A Fresh Perspective. Carl, Talk To Us.

    I have the weekend to get it together. I’m going to need it.


    Well, this is coming easier than I thought it would. But I still have a good ways to go. I have drawn up a list of ideas to discuss.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. mimispeike says:

    We can stay as we are, a marketing backwater, us on our comfy lily pads, croaking merrily but catching few flies, or we can make a racket, nonstop insertion of mentions of our existence all round the web attracting curious bugs, some of which we will surely bring down, zap, impress with our lightning-fast tongues.

    The same strategy as my plan for Glabelhammies.


  3. atthysgage says:

    I’m glad to see you two still here, hashing out the future. I’m afraid I’m a bit indisposed (in more ways that one) at the moment, but I’ll try to produce something soon.

    Liked by 1 person

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