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Adventures of the Indie Author World/ Finding your place at signings.

Guest post from Nickie Seidler:

I’ll introduce myself first, I’m Nickie Nalley Seidler, a romantic suspense author trying to make herself known in the community. I’m a mom to my beautiful baby girl who’s two. A wife to my amazing husband of almost eight years. Living in the suburbs of Chicago, I write part time, work behind a desk part time, and mommy full time.

Alright, now that you know just a pinch of my life, thought I’d share some of my experiences thus far. When I first started writing, I had no idea what an indie author was. I had no idea you could publish your books, get paperback books printed, sell your babies-basically, it’s what it feels like-haha. I was EXCITED. But I will say, I’ve never written the same after knowing that. Let me explain. When I wrote my first book, I was writing for FUN. I wasn’t expecting the world to see it, I was expecting my mom to maybe read it and maybe some family members, but not the whole world. Then the writing community gets introduced to you. AKA-facebook. My husband came across an indie author somehow and she was basically my manual to getting started. She introduced me to some blogs, who went and shared my facebook pages, told them to check me out, that I was a new upcoming author writing in the romance genre. It BOOMED from there. Next thing I know I was being taught how to make teasers, and excerpts to show on your books and getting your potential readers to be excited about the upcoming releases. Blogs wanted to read, review, be a part of my amazing new start of a journey. It was GREAT. I was a wreck. I was so nervous to let anyone read my baby. My first. It was scary! I got wonderful feedback though, good and bad but when I say bad, I mean uplifting. People with advice on how to better myself. Yeah, occasionally I got the mean ones, but I learned to put them aside. From there, people just shared my facebook posts. Or I created sponsored ads to get more visibility, but again that was back then, things have kind of changed on that home front, mainly due to Facebook controlling visibility.

I started writing a list of blogs down. Whoever shared for me, read my books and reviewed, I would contact for future things. Blogs can host cover reveals, sales to your books, new releases, and some even do blog tours, as much as they aren’t that popular anymore. These were all big deals and what most authors were doing to get seen! It worked! Before I knew it, I had a following. I would take over blog pages, they would give me a time frame and I’d post games, and things to get to know people, or giveaways, even copies of my book. Mind you, again, this was on their facebook pages. Facebook has been KEY to my success. It’s the easiest way to connect with people. You name it, search it on facebook. There are TONS of groups and pages out there that connect you with the community of authors and books. TALK, PROMOTE, WRITE. That’s my three most successful points.
Talk – people want to hear not only about books, but about you. They view us as rock stars. Believe me, it is possible to fan girl over an author! I’ve done it! Talk to people, have everyday conversations. RELAX. They are just people like us. They want to know what inspires us, where we get our ideas. Most people know me now by my daughter. I post a lot about my daughter and to many people that was the best thing in the world. To see happy pictures, baby pictures, an author being a mommy. Talking is key to developing relationships with your readers.

Promoting – do it as often as you can! Don’t let people forget your name. Post a teaser from one of your books with links to purchasing it. Give them a line that will make them click that book of yours. Throw a sale every once and a while and promote it like crazy! Giveaways, get some swag made, bookmarks, post cards, rack cards, vista print is wonderful and gotprints for bookmarks is fantastic! I also have amazing designers, inexpensive, that can design things for you well. Throw a game on your facebook page or blog to get readers to win a copy of whatever you put up. Whether it be a copy of your book, or a bookmark, or even an amazon gift card! That one reader may be a lifetime reader from then on, who may promote or spread the word to her friends. WORD OF MOUTH is the best! Just don’t stop promoting. Share your other author friends releases, cover reveals, teasers and giveaways. Support others and they will support you! Well, most will. Talk to the bloggers, ask them to share a thing or two if they don’t mind. They love supporting authors and usually most willing to share anything!

Write – Just keep writing. No matter what, WRITE. Even if it’s a sentence a day. It helps. Sometimes I should take my own advice, but that’s how I was able to publish eight books with a ninth one on the way. Tell your readers you’re writing, they’ll be the biggest pep in your step! They’ll be your inspiration, your motivation to keep going. It’s been mine since I shared my baby with the world. The reviews kept coming, the readers kept messaging me, and the common theme was MORE. They wanted more from me! It was great! I felt on top of the world! I felt like the rock star they envisioned! Which also made writing more challenging. I was focusing on “what would they think” more than write it however it speaks to you. Who cares what they think this is how the story goes! If your story needs extra detail, write it! If it’s a quick read with less details, that’s ok too! There is no right or wrong way to write a book. It’s YOUR book and you write it as you want as short or long as you want it. Only want a chapter to be two pages? FINE! You are in control! But write from your heart, write for FUN! Write because the voices don’t give you an option! Don’t let the following you gain or the reviews you’ve read hinder your writing process or HOW you write! From there, signings fell into play!

Blogs would throw out some forms here and there for signings they’re hosting and I’d fill them out or readers would send them to me in hopes I’d fill them out. Why? Because they wanted to meet me! So I’ve traveled to Greenville, NC where my first signing was and it was great. I got to meet a reader who came all the way from the Detroit area to meet me! These people traveled FAR to meet ME. It’s an amazing feeling. I took so many pictures with my readers and sold some books. I gave away a lot of swag; bookmarks, pens, wristbands, buttons. They love it! I signed sooooo much and it was all overwhelming, but amazing at the same time. I met some author friends that I’ll probably have for life. We can all relate and we share our tactics.

From Greenville, I visited Nashville, TN and then I went to a Chicago Windy City signing and sold a ton of books and met so many more readers. I also did the Elgin library which is also coming up this year. I’m also involved in a signing in June at a distillery. I’ll list the dates and locations and links to buying tickets below!

What you may need to attend a signing?
Books, about 10 of each of your books!
A banner with your name or fun design to advertise yourself! (Think vistaprint)
Bookmarks or something people can take for free from you!
Sharpies! All colors ! You’ll be signing a lot!
Notebook to start a newsletter. (think mailchimp-free newsletter site)

I’d be happy to add you on facebook, just search for Nickie Nalley Seidler. I’d also be more than happy to promote anything you like! Let’s get you seen in the book community!

Come visit me at the 2nd annual Authors Fair, to be held Sunday, April 23rd, 2017 from 2 p.m.—4 p.m. at the Gail Borden Public Library in Elgin, IL
Free admission.

Friday June 16th, 2017
Fox River Distillery Author Event
204 Dearborn Court
#Unit 110
Geneva, IL 60134
Tickets will be through Eventbrite :

Time: March 13, 2017 at 6:11 pm


17 thoughts on “Adventures of the Indie Author World/ Finding your place at signings.

  1. Thanks for the input, Nickie. We’re all searching for the marketing grail, but I think alongside your practical ideas and advice, what shines through is the enthusiasm and energy. As everyone knows, there’s no miracle solution, so those ingredients are vital. And from what I can see, you have them in abundance!

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  2. GD Deckard says:

    What a roller coaster ride! Your blog is an adventure of book promotion. That sounds exciting but what stands out is, it works! Thank you for the information, your insights and congratulations on your success as a happy writer!

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  3. mimispeike says:

    I am thrilled for you. And thrilled to have you here. I hope to learn from your example. When did you publish/list your first book? Can it be we have the new Amanda Hocking here in our midst?

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  4. Nickie Seidler says:

    Aw thanks everyone! I published my first book in …..let me think haha ummmm June of 2013. They came pretty fast I published everything until January 2015 was my last book. So my new book I’m about to publish is the first book of mine in two years. After I had my daughter I just didn’t have the time or when I did have the time I didn’t have the juices flowing to write. It’s hard to write on demand!

    In case anyone missed it, I did create a group called writers coop on fb so please search it in the search box and I’ll add ya! That way we can all chat!

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  5. GD Deckard says:

    Thanks, Nickie! I am now roosting in Writers Coop on Facebook.

    🙂 Hey Everybody 🙂
    To join this chat room click Nickie’s link in the post immediately above. This could be a great place to chat about things other than the current blog topic.

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  6. mimispeike says:

    Nickie, that link takes me to a message, this page may be temporarily unavailable or you may not have permission to view it. I’ll try another route.

    OK, I’m on.


  7. mimispeike says:

    How do you set up a signing? Are these general (or specifically romance) author events that you have learned of? Do you go to romance conventions, of which I imagine there are quite a few? I know there are regional book clubs, with events also, probably. How do you afford the traveling and staying at hotels? Do your sales cover that?

    You are a wonderful role model.

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  8. Nickie. A very informative and hopeful post. I wish you continuing success. I am impressed that you have found Facebook useful for marketing. I have been fairly active on FB, but I’ve never found it to be an engine for generating sales (beyond those few acquaintances who were sufficiently interested). Do you use Facebook ads? If so, I’d love to hear more. Personally, I tried them a few times and got some page likes but, again, very few sales. I’d be interested in hearing more about your tactics and strategies.

    Meanwhile, welcome aboard.

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  9. Nickie Seidler says:

    Mimi , I can probably send you a link or add you to a group that posts about upcoming signings you may try to sign up for.
    I don’t think any author that attends unless their making quite a bit of money ever really affords a signing by their book money. We’re lucky to break even mostly. It’s more about getting your name out there, meeting the people and talking with other authors to gain more knowledge and such. Meeting readers as these events are advertised in the city whereever it’s located so locals pick the names and sometimes read a few authors before attending so they can talk about your books etc. Or some people just want someone new to read! It’s an all around great experience but money can be rough. I tend to pick things in driving distance. 8 hours or less. North Carolina for me turned into a vacation and I have family there so was able to stay with them minus one night at the hotel for the event. I know these are also all write offs on my taxes so I’ve kept all receipts as well. But there is a lot of money involved. Between ordering books (it sucks when you have a lot lol) the shipping kills! Create space is who I go through for my paperbacks. I order swag like bookmarks through and I’ll post some pictures of my table set up in the fb group. I don’t know where you all live but if your able to attend one as a reader or even as an author to meet others, I’d highly recommend the experience. My sales do not cover the expense of the event but puts a few hundred in pocket and a smile on my face knowing I’ve met new readers and old ones and formed relationships!

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    • GD Deckard says:

      Sadly, a writer’s profits are rare as the Higgs Boson particle.

      Lynn Serafinn states unequivocally:
      “Those clients who had strong partner networks of their own (which were then combined with my network) would rise to the top of the charts more quickly, and stay there longer, resulting in more book sales overall. However, as books are cheap, it was only on rare occasions that their profits from these sales would cover the expenses they had laid out to do the launch.”

      On the bright side, writers don’t write for profit. We write to exist. Like the Higgs Boson said to the Priest who didn’t believe in Science, “Without me, how can you have mass?”

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  10. Nickie Seidler says:


    Facebook has indeed changed over the years. When I first published in 2013, not many indie authors were around or at least it didn’t seem that way and it was much more easier gathering a reader base and advertising your books in hopes for sales or new readers. As the the next years came more and more people decided to write a book, in my opinion, of a quick get rich scheme thinking if one can do it I can do it, and saturated the market so much that it was impossible to be seen! I got very lucky I started early on to be able to be with the many authors who started at the same time and we all help each other share and interact with each other readers. I have stayed away from ads mostly as I feel their a waste of money. My “like” page barely gets any views thanks to fb new algorithms. But I just try to stay active and post articles or share books I love etc. What genre books does everyone write? I’d be happy to help promote or help advertise for anyone in hopes of you finding some readers!

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    • That’s a very kind offer. I’m always happy to have my books mentioned. They’re all genre-mongrels to some extent, but two of them, SPARK and FLIGHT OF THE WREN are generally considered Young Adult (particularly favored by adults who like Young Adult stuff), and the third, WHISPER BLUE, is Paranormal Suspense, for lack of a better label. (Really, it’s a sort of cyber ghost story.) Links to all of them can be found under the Author’s Page in the menu bar at the top.

      And thanks for asking.

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