Norman Spinrad: The Iron Dream & Osama The Gun

There are more books than time, yes? That is to say: given the finite spans of our lives, and the untold hours lost therein to sleep and work and divers other activities besides repetitively scanning black tick marks on a page from left-to-right, starting in the upper left corner and then working downward to the lower right—flip!—repeat; I suspect most of us have compiled long lists (mentally or written, eh?) of books we intend to get around to reading . . . someday.

I give you forthwith two works of Norman Spinrad’s I intend to peruse as soon as I scrape together the florins necessary to acquire them: The Iron Dream and Osama The Gun. Both books sound utterly amazing: compelling, provocative, psychologically and sociologically astute, courageous and unflinching in their exploration of the roots of politically motivated and culturally sanctioned violence. One gets the sense from reviews of these books that Norman Spinrad swings for the fences each time at bat. Who doesn’t admire that kind of all-in commitment from a writer?

And how did I miss these books till now?!

The Iron Dream: http://airshipdaily.com/blog/06052014-the-iron-dream

Osama The Gun: https://www.amazon.com/Osama-Gun-Novel-New-Caliphate/dp/1479408271

SFWA interview with Norman Spinrad: http://www.sfwa.org/2011/09/an-interview-with-norman-spinrad-anarchist/

What books are on your “must read next” list?


3 thoughts on “Norman Spinrad: The Iron Dream & Osama The Gun

  1. GD Deckard says:

    I like minds like Norman Spinrad’s. Never heard of him, so thanks for this, Carl.

    The David Forbe’s article is right on: Formulistic SciFi sells while thoughtful SciFi is hard to find. Well, I suspect good books were always harder to find than popular books and that there is a difference between the two. Thoughtful, insightful and especially original books may not be at the top of most readers’ list when what they really want is a comfortably familiar read.

    🙂 Norman Spinrad sounds like an anything-but comfortable read.

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  2. atthysgage says:

    These look awesome. I’ll have to put them on my list (No, there’s no actual list.)

    I agree, GD, there has always been a difference between good and popular, though on occasion the two groups intersect. I try to achieve the former and hope the latter will happen of its own accord. Yeah. Not much luck yet.

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  3. mimispeike says:

    Sorry, I’m not ignoring this. I’m finishing up my TEN entry. And, books on my to-read list, there’s a big task. This is a good idea. I love to see what others want to read. It broadens my book-world.

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