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Writer’s Showcase

Type: Satire, Racial Prejudice
From WiP, Bob Vs The Aliens
Scene: The Aliens have just landed and Piper, reporter for the European news site, Socialism Revisited, is in Atlanta conducting a “man-on-the-street” interview with Bob, who was selected because he struck her as an average white man.

+++An elderly black couple turned to them. They smiled at Piper. She smiled back. “Ignore him,” the man told her. “Bob’s too white to understand what’s really happening here.”
+++“He’s a good boy,” the woman assured her. “Give him some time.”
+++“Hi Mom.”
+++Piper stared at Bob. “Mom?”
+++“I was a surprise.”
+++“Your face is Western European.” Her eyes twinkled.
+++“They love me anyway.”
+++Undaunted, Piper thumbed at the cameraman behind her, “Well, the power’s out again. But our camera still works.”
+++Bob ignored her. “I do understand, Dad,” he answered the old gentleman. “The presence of an Alien species defines all humans as one, right?”
+++Realization came over Piper’s face as if she suddenly sensed the real story here. Signaling the cameraman, she turned to the couple. “Tell me, sir, what was your first reaction when you heard the news?”
+++“White folk are gonna stop looking at me like I’m black.”

Critique & Comments welcome 🙂
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(Many thanks to Ducky Smith & E.M. Swift-Hook of the SciFi Roundtable for their unwitting contribution of this idea.)


8 thoughts on “Writer’s Showcase

  1. mimispeike says:

    Interesting, as always. I see possibilities which I feel need exploring. This is too close to real for me not to wonder. Because, as always, I want to believe. None of these explanations detracts from your point.

    1. Mom had an affair.
    2. Mom had significant white ancestry.
    3. Bob was adopted.

    The statement: “Bob’s too white to understand what’s really happening here” opens many doors as well. His face has given him many advantages, he hasn’t felt the same pain.

    What you have here makes it impossible for me not to speculate.

    This of course is not your story. You’re making a point, a good point, which could be tweaked.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. GD Deckard says:

    I’ve shown this bit of dialogue to others & received only positive comments. The most analytical comment, from one who would know, is the following.

    If I’m being honest, political correctness junkies generally seem humor deficient. I personally view PC as a logical fallacy – something that prohibits or discourages discussion. I highly doubt PC folks would read this because it’s humor. I find it funny and honest, not racist. My cousin Cindy, who’s basically my black twin, was asked to leave a bar when she and my Dad went out for a beer. It would be nice if the bartender saw her as a person instead of a stereotype… I definitely got that vibe from this passage.

    Liked by 1 person

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