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Member Spotlight on Curtis Bausse

BiopicCurtis Bausse grew up in Wales, was educated in England and has spent most of his life in France. When the restaurant-café-theatre he ran there got demolished, he had to find something to do so became a university lecturer, specializing in Second Language Acquisition. After spending two years in France’s recently acquired 101st department, Mayotte in the Indian Ocean, he has returned to Provence, where he devotes his time to writing.

One Green Bottle, set in Provence, is the first in a series of Magali Rousseau mystery stories. Its sequel, Perfume Island, set in Mayotte against a backdrop of illegal immigration from nearby Comoros, will be released in November 2017.



7 thoughts on “Member Spotlight on Curtis Bausse

  1. mimispeike says:

    This short rundown tells me you have the background to do something very special with your story.

    Was this written with a book flap in mind? This brief no-nonsense piece is perfect for that, very typical. Is typical a good thing? I honestly don’t know.

    But perhaps you’re on the right track. ATA (About the Author) that tries to be cute is often annoying.

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  2. Thanks for posting this, GD! I was thinking about how you guys have been such a great support since the beginning – I’m working on a post to thank you and others for helping me get to this point. Still a long way to go, but already this launch feels a whole lot better than the first.
    Mimi, I think that’s the blurb from my website, which may also be up on Amazon. The bio on the back cover of the book is much shorter to make way for the book blurb, which is way more important.

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  3. mimispeike says:

    OK, so I’m planning an ATA for my first post on Medium.com. All I’ve done there so far is to comment on other posts. I think I’ll go with something zany. Maybe my Me and Cee, Cee and Me, rewritten a bit, and edited down.

    I’m trying to get a piece going for here. The things that excite me, I don’t think they excite anybody else. You’re sick of hearing about Medium, I fear. I write about it because it is my first attempt at marketing myself, my thinking and my style, to a wider world. In that context, it has a role here.

    The other thing that turns me on at the moment is the series of naval adventures by Patrick O’Brian. (Master and Commander, etc.) I have six of them, following the career of Captain Jack Aubrey in the Royal Navy, early nineteenth century. I’ve torn through three so far.

    I’m always looking for good ship stuff. The other book I am inclined to comment on is The Sea and The Jungle, a (classic, says Wikipedia) piece of travel writing, circa 1912, heavy on gloriously rambling, quirky observation. Nothing like the travel writing of today, it reads like a novel.

    I’ve shelved that. I’m trying to come up with something more nuts-and-bolts. I’ll save my literary musings for Medium. Aren’t you glad?

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