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The proof copy of Perfume Island – at last!

Hi there!

Well, the shivery weather has definitely started to creep into Provence (winters can be unreasonably cold here), but I’ve been getting jittery for a different reason, about to ask Jeff Bezos what he was up to. Because Perfume Island is due for release next week – 15th November – and though I ordered the proof copy ages ago, my letter box remained despairingly empty. What if I was about to publish a book with half the words upside down?

To be honest, I wasn’t that worried. It looked fine in the online proofreader, but still, when it finally arrived this morning, it was quite a relief to actually have it in my hands. And yes, no doubt about it, they’ve done a good job. Not a single word upside down, nor even back to front. So I thought I’d take it into the garden to show you.


There were no such worries for the ebook, of course, which is ready and waiting for release the same day. For a six day period, until 20th November, Perfume Island will be on offer at the reduced price of $0.99, before going up to $3.99. And I’ve almost finished working on the details for the contest to coincide with the launch – more on that later.

Very best wishes,



19 thoughts on “The proof copy of Perfume Island – at last!

  1. Nicely done, Curtis! Nicely-nicely, indeed.

    May it sell like a Clancy, Grisham, or Patterson. Or Anne Rice’s 67th vampire novel. . . . Heh!

    (And that is NOT a slam at Ms. Rice; I respect the hell out of her. Still . . . we’d all kill for those sales numbers, eh?)

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  2. mimispeike says:

    You are doing it exactly right: a series, and a strong character. Whoever read Agatha Christie who didn’t read a dozen (or more) by her? Whoever read Lord Peter Whimsey who didn’t go on a Lord Peter Whimsey orgy?

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    • Let’s hope so, Mimi – thank you. But as you’ve remarked yourself, the competition in mystery books – as in practically every genre – is horrendous. However, not be discouraged – forward ho with number three in the series!

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    • @Mimi: Great points! I heartily concur. May I build on your comment? Who could read but one pulp or penny-dreadful tale featuring Conan? Sherlock Holmes? Mack Bolan? For that matter, who could read only one short story by Bradbury? Thurber? Stephen King?

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