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weirdOur first anthology will be stories deemed by the writer as weird. What is weird? You have your own ideas and, please, share some in the comments.

The dictionary says that weird means beyond what is normal or natural. In Western Mythology, weird was related to the three Fates. The very word itself comes from the Indo-European root, wert, “to turn.” From it, we get modern words like divert, subvert, universe and version. We also get verse and prose. Yes, writing and weird are related.

My favorite weirdness is when the universe hiccups. You know, you’re busy doing something and suddenly you can’t find an item that you just used? You look in all the obvious places. But you have to keep looking until the universe hiccups again. And then there it is! You know what I mean. It’s weird.

Now that you’re thinking weird thoughts, share some in the comments and get ready for Curtis Bausse’s Monday post. That will be your invitation to submit your own weird story for the Writers Co-op 2018 Anthology.


15 thoughts on “Weirdness

  1. Hey Y’all,

    I love the weird idea. Kind of what Victor said but different. What one person considers weird, another person might consider normal.

    The stories are rattling around in my empty head. I cant wait to see what comes out the other end.


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  2. GD, I can’t improve on the reply I gave about a month back, so I’ll repeat it here:

    I suppose I think of my writings, collectively (in whatever genre they happen to be classified at present) as “weird tales”. What I mean by this is: first-and-foremost a Carl E. Reed story should take you elsewhere in space and time–a place oftentimes strange, disturbing and, err . . . weird. That is to say: if the locale and time-frame of the story isn’t considered by the reader to be somewhat alien, discomfiting and/or vertigo-inducing; the tone, tenor and over-all perspective of the piece certainly must (to be of interest to this confirmed iconoclast and fan of the icy finger of the numinous, anyway).

    Re-purposing the above into a working definition: The weird tale is a story of speculative fiction primarily designed to arouse strong emotions of awe, terror or alienation in the reader.

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  3. Perry Palin says:

    I don’t know that anything I write is weird. The weirdest thing appeared in a small print literary journal in 2017, and I will see if the publisher has an issue with my submitting it here.

    The end of March should give me plenty of time to write a story, but with my farm work, taxes for my uncle’s estate, and volunteer work for now five local not-for-profits, I don’t know. I’m happily busy,and that is squeezing my time.

    I’m going tonight to listen to a storyteller and a poet, and I’m sure they will have their books their for sale and signing.

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  4. mimispeike says:

    Perry, you and I are in the same boat. Sly will not do here. I’m dead certain of that. I’ll have to think of something else. Weird, other than talking cats, is not a natural for me, but I’ll try.

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