submissionsSubmissions are invited for a short story anthology to be published by the Writers’ Co-op. No theme is set but stories should broadly fit into the genre ‘weird’ – to be interpreted as you wish.

Maximum word count is 5000 (we’re not strict on that). No minimum word count. Deadline: 31st March.

Entries to be sent to curtis.bausse(at) with the subject heading ‘weird story submission’. All entries will be acknowledged and decision of acceptance or not will be notified as soon as possible after the deadline.

More details at:


11 responses to “Anthology Submissions”

  1. robakers Avatar


    The story is in the mail. Well, I have to actually write it before I can send it but don’t let the little details get in the way.


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    1. curtisbausse Avatar

      Great, Rob – I look forward to it. The only story sent before it’s written!

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  2. mimispeike Avatar

    Soon as I finish chapter six of my Pied Piper episode (sometime this week) I’m going to see what I can pull out of it for an entry. Then I’ll know how much trouble I’m it with that idea. If it’s a total no-go, I’ll still have time to try something else.

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  3. GD Deckard Avatar
    GD Deckard

    I’m working on something. It was inspired by the responses I got from asking a simple question on Facebook’s Science Fiction group:
    “If the UFO that abducted you had a Gift Shop, what would you buy?”
    My Lady pointed to the hundreds of replies and said, “There’s a story there.”
    I’m working on it.

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    1. curtisbausse Avatar

      Nice, GD! Last I heard, the UFO Gift Shop franchise was trying to resist a hostile takeover bid.

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  4. Perry Palin Avatar
    Perry Palin

    A year ago I had a short story published in a regional journal. I wrote to the publisher to ask if I may submit the story for consideration here, and he wrote yes. I’ll revise it a bit, maybe for the better, and send it in.

    I haven’t met the man behind this very small publishing house. He has a reputation for being a good guy who helps writers through the process. I sent my novel to him many months ago and never heard back. Yesterday he wrote that he remembered me, and he apologized for not getting back to me, saying he had 750 submissions last year. This makes me want to 1) drive the 150 miles to his town to buy him coffee and pie; 2) ask him if he’d take me on as a part time, unpaid intern in his business; and 3) stop trying to sell anything that I write.

    I’ve seen GD’s Facebook invitations for submissions, and I’m guessing there will be plenty.

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    1. curtisbausse Avatar

      Revisions are nearly always for the better, Perry. I look forward to it – many thanks to your busy publisher for allowing it.

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  5. atthysgage Avatar

    750? Great god almighty.

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    1. Perry Palin Avatar
      Perry Palin

      Yep, and it looks like he published two issues of his journal and seven other books in 2017 – one percent of the submissions.

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  6. curtisbausse Avatar

    The submission guidelines now have their separate page, the main (only, in fact, as far as I can see) condition that remained to be fulfilled for Duotrope. But don’t hesitate to modify before sending it off, GD, if you see anything amiss

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