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guest blogsThe WritersCo-op welcomes blogs from those in the writing community, be they authors, publishers, editors, agents, cover & illustration artists, PAs, marketers, etc. We will not publish book promotions save for those of a member’s new release. But, we are interested in just about any blog that interests writers.

Submit your blog, or link to your blog, to GD<at>Deckard<dot>com.

For an idea of what we look for, scroll down past this notice, or click the ARCHIVES button at the top of this page. But don’t let what we’ve done suggest limits. We are always open to fresh ideas.



  1. mimispeike says:

    GD, you are great. I don’t have a post ready today. But I will have one for Thursday. The title will be: ‘Bookends’.

    I am busy writing on my book three, trying to get my current group of loonies to Hameln, so Sly and John Dee can rout rats and win the reward. My five goofballs are not making it easy for me.

    The solution of the rat crisis will almost be an afterthought. Until an hour ago I had the hope that I might wrap it up in twelve chapters. (I’m on chapter nine) I begin to doubt it, but we’ll see.

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