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Time To Choose

chooseWe have had many suggested titles for our new section, wherein we allow authors, editors, publishers and professional members of the writing community at large to recommend books. There are three common threads running through the titles suggested here and on Facebook: people like clarity, catchy and enthusiasm.
For pure clarity, it’s hard to beat “Recommended Reading.”
While “Peer Picks” is short and catchy.
And “I Love This Book” is highly enthusiastic.

So, which of the three will communicate best with the widest possible audience? They’re all good.

Last chance, pick one:
1. Recommended Reading
2. Peer Picks
3. I Love This Book

Please vote in the comments section. And, thank you all for your great suggestions!
(For the record, I liked “Hey, Good Bookin'” for the grins 🙂 but it didn’t make the final cut.)


15 thoughts on “Time To Choose

  1. I will defer to the majority – if you want short & catchy like “Peer Picks” but with something that implies reading, “Best Books” might work… just throwing that out there. Thanks for taking this on, GD. Sorry about the morning waffles – er, waffling.

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  2. mimispeike says:

    I don’t know what kind of catchy sub-title would sell the book I’m currently reading – and I do love it: Select British Essayists, essays originally published in the Tatler in the early eighteenth century. So I promise to skip this one.

    Full of terrific stuff for Sly.

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  3. mimispeike says:

    The truth is, none of the suggestions really turn me on, not even the one I proposed. I’m in a really blah mood right now, that may be part of the problem. The ball’s in your court, GD. You and Curtis decide.

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