rabbitholeThat’s the deadline for submitting your short story. Details at:

Do it.
Send us your best short story, poem, flash fiction or piece of an experimental nature.

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”
 – Zig Ziglar


7 responses to “Saturday, March 31, 2018”

  1. mimispeike Avatar

    I thought I had sent it two weeks ago, but Atthys says he never got it. I resent to him this morning. I had asked him to look over the punctuation.

    I hope ‘Hell In A Handbasket’ will do. Not a story, says my Facebook friend, more a character study. Is that acceptable? I don’t know.

    Have I cheated by pulling a chapter from Sly? I’m sorry. I am so focused on my big story that I can’t think of anything else.

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    1. GD Deckard Avatar
      GD Deckard

      Thanks, Mimi 🙂 !

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  2. mimispeike Avatar

    Okay, you guys. Nobody’s talking (but me and GD) so I will.

    I just bopped on to Medium after being absent a few weeks, and the whole format has changed. Used to be your new post entered the front page upper left and moved down and out as new material accumulated. So you were sure of being seen, if only briefly. That doesn’t seem to happen now.

    How the hell do you get noticed now? I’ve asked for advice on Scribophile. Those Scribbers are all over Medium. They advertise in the topic devoted to the site and give a link to their story. People landing on the site cold, how do they find me?

    I have an answer: your posts in the feed are no longer visible to you. But they’re there. I have three new followers in about the last week and I said, how the hell did they find me?

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  3. mimispeike Avatar

    I don’t have a good feeling about this, based on this response. Quite worrying.

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    1. GD Deckard Avatar
      GD Deckard

      Not to worry, Mimi. We currently have 33 submissions. And you know writers. Many submit just before the deadline.

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  4. mimispeike Avatar

    With 33 entries, I have no expectation of being included. But if I am, I have a few more tweaks to my piece.

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    1. GD Deckard Avatar
      GD Deckard

      Curtis sends Atthys & I the submissions to read, but the author’s name has been removed. We read & evaluate stories referred to by numbers. So, I don’t know “who” we like, but, if you have tweaks in mind, Mimi, you should tweak away.


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