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NEXT: Writing for VR

The Adventure
Among the many ways to make money writing is to write for the media. If you want to know how to write for magazines, newspapers, television or the movies, Google it. Or get a degree in it. It’s old hat. But to write for virtual reality productions, you must have the Star Trek spirit and boldly go. The attractive thing is, you’ll be one of the early pioneers in a future tech.

The Ship
First thing is, you’ll need a vehicle. I recommend an Oculus Go. At $199, it’s the starter headset in which to explore the worlds of VR. The Go comes with tons of free software. It seems evreyone with a message to share wants a presence in our heads.

The Markets
Put the headset on and your markets will appear before -er, all around your very eyes. Tourists bureaus world wide, governments and NGOs, news outlets like CNN and The New York Times, video game makers and all manner of commercial interests. I, who hate commercials, now have a favorite one: The Jeep VR video that takes me on a ride along the California coast. I am riding inside the Jeep with  two women talking about finding a good place to surf. The camera view pans out to give me a drone’s eye view of the terrain, an experience in itself because I seem to be flying and can look up & down & all around. I go with the surfers into the water, under crashing waves and then on top, surfing back to shore. I can’t come closer to surfing and stay dry.

The Stories
Door No. 1 is Hulu’s live-action multiple choice comedy adventure about a ten-year high school reunion. The show puts the viewer into the middle of the action by making her or him a protagonist of the show.
Think about writing that short story for a sit-com. Your main character is one of the former students attending the reunion. He or she can see and hear everything around them, but can’t talk. You have to present multiple paths for your character to take. Your viewer will make the decisions for you by clicking on other characters with whom they want to interact during the story. And, of course, make many bad decisions along the way – it’s a high school reunion, after all.
For more details, see:
And VR novels movies? Mind boggling. But that’s only because VR is an unexplored medium.

Introductory Offer
Available for a brief time only! Writing virtual reality stories is a chance for today’s writer to become a known writer in tomorrow’s history of writing. Be one of the first.


5 thoughts on “NEXT: Writing for VR

  1. Last year I was involved with creating story line for an educational game set in a near future scifi environment that planned to use augmented reality. I left the project team when I moved and, quite frankly, we were very early on in the creative process. It seems to me that writing for VR would have a lot of challenges. People more familiar with visual media such as film (especially shorts), script writing for TV, perhaps playwrights who have to visualize and create scenes, might have an experience set that dovetails nicely with a novelist or short story writer. My experience did involve people more familiar with gaming and game development than me. I think it could be exciting to get involved with a creative team to work on a VR story, but at the moment it is a little outside of my comfort zone.

    GD, with the VR games you are familiar with, are writing credits listed somewhere? It might be interesting to see who is writing and what their backgrounds are.

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    • GD Deckard says:

      That had to be exciting, Victor, writing with a team creating an augmented reality game.

      I do recall seeing the writers mentioned in credits after the sit-com, Hulu’s “Door No. 1.” Credits are listed in games but you may only see them if you specifically click a “credits” button on the main menu. So, I Googled, “Virtual reality writers” and came up with (among many others)
      “Writing for VR — What is Really Involved?”

      I did not include writing details in my blog because I have no clue about or interest in writing for VR. It’s all so new, the first thing to get out is the fact that here is an emerging market for writers.

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      • victoracquista says:

        Thanks GD! It’s an interesting article. For the moment, I’m sticking with the familiar. I am slowly taking an online course in screenwriting. Perhaps I’ll give it some more thought after completing that course.

        Liked by 1 person

    • GD Deckard says:

      Interesting, Mimi. Do you think any people living then had a tomorrow land? Your comment made me wonder if our focus on the future is a recently acquired view.

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