What’s Up, Pussycats?


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I’m worn out, on my website ever day, trying this, trying that.

Which is why I’ve had so little to say lately.

My apologies to here, and to the TSU and Rabbit Hole threads on Facebook.

That guy up there is Sly. (And who else would it be?) In my half completed drawing he is wearing his pharaoh costume that he dons for John Dee’s séances. I tried to find my image of Dee in his pharaoh garb, but as usual, I can’t lay hands on it. (My files are a mess.)

I’ve been building my website. I finally have a format that will work with a light use page, excerpts, come-ons, a brief intro, etc., and will also do for full chapters. I’ve created a background to underlay all. The images will change with the various sites but the configuration will remain pretty much as is. I am snaking type around images on the background – that left/right/centering of images with a type runaround never works for me, never works as well as I could wish.

I have registered names of six sites in case I decide to put the whole thing up. That would be two novellas to a site. More than that and the menu gets too crazy.

I can always lasso and marry images in Photoshop, but my next task is to learn how to create a clipping path. (I have never figured that out.) So that (ideally) I can place images in the text layer and not have unused areas blocking out what lies behind.

I follow the discussion on Facebook in a thread populated by designers. Someone said: I create my design in (some software I never heard of) and hand it off to the developers to write the code. Here am I, trying to cheat and trick my way around WordPress, getting it to do things it doesn’t want to do.

WordPress could make life so much easier for us with a few small changes. A way to indent first lines. A way to right indent paragraphs. No, they save that stuff for the upgraded plans. You gotta pay for that convenience. Irritating.

Why do I like WordPress? Over Wix, I mean. I love Wix. In Wix you can do anything you want to do, almost. That’s the problem. WP forces me to rein in my more extreme design-y tendencies.

GD’s a whirlwind of activity over on Facebook. I’m trying to wrestle WordPress to the mat. What’s everyone else up to? Or are you sitting back, watching the money roll in?






13 thoughts on “What’s Up, Pussycats?

  1. GD Deckard says:

    Mimi 🙂 This blog on your writing days makes me think of humorist Erma Bombeck:
    “At the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could tell God, ‘I used everything you gave me’.”

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  2. Perry Palin says:

    Thanks for posting this. It’s very helpful to me.
    I am sitting back, watching the money roll out. I’m paying a good sum for a developmental edit, but so far I think it’s worth it.
    I have a web designer in mind, a local guy who owns his own shop and does great work for large and small private companies and a few not-for-profits. I think I might qualify as unprofitable. Your travails suggest that I send more good money into my project, turning the web part over to a professional.

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  3. U can indent a first line on WP by starting it with an empty SPAN element of the desired width.  The WP editor sometimes sometimes gets overzealous about cleaning up HTML code and removes the obvious way to specify an empty span.  So I obfuscate enough to slip past it.  Here is how I indent a line by 2em:

    <span style=”padding-right:2em;visibility:hidden;”>|</span>

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    • mimispeike says:

      Mellow! Help! I copy and pasted this code into a paragraph, and all that happened is the code displayed as part of the text. What am I doing wrong?

      Do you see that new editor? Looks like we will have the ability to do a drop cap. Is that good? Not sure. Lots of times a drop cap requires some precise kerning.

      I don’t see that there will be a choice to indent first lines. I know new fonts are coming. I have new fonts in my font list with TK (to come) next to them.

      I have a nice glitch in text I copy and pasted. Mid sentence, the font size diminishes, something we cannot choose to do, dammit. I save these odd font accidents so that I can duplicate them when I want to.

      WordPress. Ya gotta cheat, lie, and steal.


      • mimispeike says:

        Well, this is annoying. With the new editor, you cannot create extra space between elements with a hard return. The change shows in the editor but not on the page. I have to cheat, insert a period for each line of space that I want, and turn the period white so it doesn’t show. So I copy and pasted an area still displaying the return on another page. In the new version of WP, the extra returns do not duplicate.

        I expect they’ll fix this eventually. Creeps.


        • mimispeike says:

          Another annoyance: in the tool bar the font color button had been openly on view. Now you have to hit that ‘More’ for a drop down. A-holes!


      • From “all that happened is the code displayed as part of the text” I surmise that U dropped the code into the [Visual] tab rather than the [HTML] tab.  I’ve often done that fairly often.  In the [Visual] tab, U can cut out the code and then paste it into the [HTML] tab.

        Yes, I’ve seen Gutenberg and tried to help a little with beta testing.  It may be a modest net improvement over Calypso, but WP grossly overestimates how much it will let users w/o HTML know-how get what they want.


        • mimispeike says:

          I can’t find the HTML tab. Can you direct me, step by step? In the meantime, I find that a few periods, turned to white, work for me. (I have a mostly white background.)


          • The tab named “HTML” in the Calypso editor is named “Text” in the WP-Admin (aka Classic) editor.  In both cases, the [Visual] tab and the ([HTML] or [Text]) tab are high on the page, below the post’s title but above the post’s body.  Which of the WP editors do U use?  Gutenberg is still in beta, so I am assuming that it’s either Classic or Calypso.  While Gutenberg does support toggling between visual editing and editing HTML code, it has its own tricky way to do it.


  4. mimispeike says:

    Perry: A professional website creator, with technical knowledge, is one thing. First, you need a designer, to conceive and guide the process. I think any site presenting creative content should make you smile, be a pleasure to view, and not merely because of the information, the promo, the excerpt, etc.

    A woman back on Book Country asked for opinions on her new site. I should have kept my mouth shut, I’m afraid. We never saw her again.

    She wrote children’s books. The name of her site was ‘A Touch of Magic’. The books were set up in a barebones grid, as if in a book catalog, as if she were Barnes and Noble. I told her that any site with the name A Touch of Magic better be magical visually. She should talk to her website creator (she had not done it herself) and give it another try, she was doing herself no favor with that straight-faced site. That she was fine with that look, even proud of it, that thinking did not promise (to me, anyway) good things for imaginative storytelling.

    The feel I have for your work tells me that you should be playful also.

    My site(s), despite, at the moment, filled with placeholder art (to assess style), make me smile.I have images threading through (under, on the background) the text. I will do soft returns page by page (a ton of work) to snake around those images, and insert inches of space to allow more images to meander across the width, to avoid that compartmentalized look you get on most sites. I want my thing to look like it might be a print picture book, where anything goes. I’m getting there.

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  5. mimispeike says:

    Mellow: Thank you. I’ll try it. I’d researched it on Google, and given up. The things that I did try didn’t work. So I was not understanding the advice.


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