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SciFi Lampoon

It’s a new magazine, a portal for spoofs of a cherished genre. We are sailing into uncharted waters with this. We, at least, possess no charts. But Geoff Habiger, Mike Van Horn, Adam Joseph Stump, Margret Treiber, Rik Ty, Jim Webster (to name a few in alphabetical order) and others are now editing submissions. Together with the writers they are working with, that’s enough talent to start a chain reaction. The plan is to publish the first issue this year on Amazon in digital and hard-copy formats.

I know, I know. A magazine? Our motto should be “Trephening.” (You need us like you need a hole in the head.) On the other hand, why not let in a fresh breeze? Or, better yet, be that breeze. Got a humorous speculative fiction story in you? It can be science fiction, fantasy, superhero fiction, science fantasy, horror, utopian, dystopian fiction, supernatural fiction – just be risible. It can also be a funny advertisement, article, column or letter to the editor. Or rewrite a famous story (that is in the public domain!) The idea is to poke fun at ourselves and have fun doing it.

And we do have the domain name, That seals our bona fides, doesn’t it? We’ll even set up a formal web portal to feature the magazine and its writers, accept submissions and link to the sales sites.

So, if you can laugh at what you write, share the fun.


6 thoughts on “SciFi Lampoon

  1. The premise should engage many authors and readers — maybe even that peculiar portion of the population that “hates science fiction” — or at least claims to “never read science fiction.” I admit your news has sparked swirling nebulae to begin coalescing around the wandering nucleae of ideas. Time will tell if they divide and mature. I wish SciFiLampoon the best of outcomes.

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  2. Great that the idea is moving forward, GD. As you know, I was hoping to get involved but it may be a bit more than I can handle right now. But I’m still following from a distance and may eventually submit something. Not that I’ve ever written sci-fi, but risible is appealing…


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