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Self-Publishing Help Links

Ready to publish but never have? It can be easier than you think and here are some links to help you do it well.
Why bother? Because you are in control. There is no longer any need for an author to wait months for an acceptable response from an agent and more months while a publisher works your work into their work schedule. Do it yourself now.

Start with the obvious: Amazon began as an online book seller and understands that the easier they make e-publishing for you, the more free inventory they get to sell. They’re happy to tell you how easy it is and to walk you through the process step-by-step:

Want help? An industry has sprouted to provide professional services to authors. You can pay to have some steps done for you, like editing, formatting and cover design. Here is an example of a comprehensive, low-cost service:

Editing? You want the best you can afford. Ask for recommendations on social media or use this source:

The gate keepers are gone. Anyone can publish their book. So, unless someone is offering to market your book for you, they are not offering you anything you can’t do. Why pay them royalties?


3 thoughts on “Self-Publishing Help Links

  1. mimispeike says:

    I’ve been bopping in and out of here for days, trying to figure out what to say that I haven’t said before. I can’t think of a damn thing but for more moaning and whining.

    Book one is done, but for some touch-up. I’m thinking about a cover, but my ancient CS3 package has been somehow unauthorized by Adobe, it’s useless. I’ll have to get a pay-monthly update. I’m strategizing how to do that in the cheapest way possible. I’m reading through book two, the longest written of anything I have, and I am discouraged by the amount of work it needs. Lots of neat stuff in it but it needs taming bad.

    The idea of handing it off to a publisher is very attractive at the moment but, of course, a publisher would never touch it. I have no choice but to continue to drive myself crazy.

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    • mimispeike says:

      I will look into it, it looks interesting. But that app and me, like that app and Carl E. Reed, it just ain’t gonna work.

      My big concern at the moment is, in building out a cameo character to accomplish a specific function for me, I have created more loose ends that need to be tied up at some point.

      My original answer to how a down-at-the-heels troupe of street performers was put on the road to Paris is, Sly (or, rather, Pedro, his partner in crime) talked them into it, he supplying the arguments. That snap-the-fingers explanation just doesn’t do. But this path opens up new avenues of story.

      Just what I need. More avenues of story.

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