The Writers Co-op is looking for a few good bloggers. Anyone in the writing life is welcome to submit a blog. If you have something to say about writing, editing, publishing, marketing or just want to share news of your latest effort, we’re interested. Submit a new blog, or, a link to your current blog page.

Members should post their blog in the draft section. Others should submit their their blog or link to GD <at> Deckard <dot> com. Blogs are posted every Monday or Thursday morning on a first-come basis.

Remember that readers are likely to be people in the writing life interested in learning from one another. Sharing our successes, failures, insights, knowledge and humor is a big part of the life we lead.

I look forward to hearing from you.

– GD Deckard, Founding Member


7 responses to “An Invitation to Blog”

  1. Jeannie Abbott Avatar
    Jeannie Abbott

    Are there any sure fire ways of winning or being short-listed for writing comps? Oh I’ve tried different genres, styles and think it’s just that my writing isn’t good enough. I know it’s subjective but every judge seems to feel the same – should I give up entering?

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    1. curtisbausse Avatar

      Big question, Jeannie! I haven’t seen enough of your writing to know, but I have read three stories, I think, and the last two didn’t reach the heights of the first. Perhaps, as GD says, a blog post would be a good idea – what do you get up to in your writing group, for example? Do you get constructive criticism or is everyone nice to each other? Nearly all writers doubt, but we have to turn that doubt into something that makes us look for ways we can improve.

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    2. Perry Palin Avatar
      Perry Palin

      If I knew the sure fire ways to win I would use them.

      Like Mimi I think we should write what pleases us. But we can please ourselves and look to the judges too.

      I have won a few local writing competitions and prizes. I read past winning stories and more importantly, the writings of the judge. When I don’t know who the judge is I am working blind. One small contest offered the chance to submit multiple entries to a “mystery judge,” and I sent one for each of four different personality types. The “mystery” retired female librarian liked my story about two old men, and I won with that.

      I’m working on a story for a national competition. The contest offers recognition, publication, and a substantial cash prize. If I like my story at the end of the month I’ll submit it with the entries of thousands of others. Do I expect to win? No. That would be a nice surprise. In the past I’ve always admired the winning entries.

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      1. Jeannie Abbott Avatar
        Jeannie Abbott

        Thanks Perry, that does help actually ! I like your honesty. We don’t always know who the judges are going to be – it certainly helps if we can find out what they like.

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  2. mimispeike Avatar

    Aside from meeting basic requirements of submission, I think we have to focus on what pleases us, rather than on what a judge may or may not be looking for.

    Or have I misunderstood the question?

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    1. mimispeike Avatar

      Just seeing if I’m logged in here. Started up my new iMac that had to be all reinstalled.

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      1. GD Deckard Avatar
        GD Deckard

        Oooh! ConGrats, Mimi!


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