• by Sara M. Zerig

I turned up the radio as the DJ shared a story about a man who married his childhood crush in his seventies. His new bride had been married and widowed, the DJ said, but the man had never married before because he’d never wanted anyone else for as long as he could remember. I thought of King Edward VIII, who abdicated his throne for forbidden love. I thought of Marc Antony and Cleopatra. Westley and Buttercup. Jim and Pam. These legendary romances, real and fictitious, swirled around in my brain as the DJ segued into a love song I don’t recall but no doubt sang along to.

It’s a safe bet that I wasn’t the only listener who was charmed by that story. This is why most epic main characters have a solitary love interest. Why sitcoms either center on a couple or have romantic storylines. Why love songs dominate the airways. We can’t get enough of it.

However the love story varies, we’re enthralled. Whether it’s the belly butterflies of instant attraction or the slow burn of affection that builds over time … whether the couple is comprised of twin souls or polar opposites …  whether their love story is laced with drama or humor or both … we’re all rooting for our hero/heroine to find and keep that one true love.

Epic love stories are increasingly rare in the real world.  These days, temporary relationships engineered to look good on social media are the norm. Mr. & Mrs. Right have been replaced by Mr. & Mrs. Right Now. If your current relationship has hit a rough patch, there’s an app that will simply point you to someone else – someone who takes a better couple-selfie or uses more clever hashtags. But deep down, I have to believe the people behind those posts want the MJ to their Peter Parker, the Edward Cullen to their Bella Swan. At the end of the day, there is no online-pic-worthy substitution for the genuine love of and dedication to another person. The discovery of one’s soul mate. The belief that, no matter what life throws our way, if we have loved and been loved, our life has real purpose.

We all love love.

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11 responses to “For the Love of Love”

  1. Christy Moceri Avatar
    Christy Moceri

    I am a romance writer too. After 17 years madly in love with the same person, I will evangelize love until the day I die. Your book is on my To Read list.

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    1. saramzerig Avatar

      Very cool – where do you sell your books? According to FB, we have the same awesome birthday! I say awesome because March 4th is not just a date, but a statement: march forth! 😉

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      1. Christy Moceri Avatar
        Christy Moceri

        Yes, our birthday is a call to action! I have not yet published my book. It’s a romantic thriller set in a futuristic fantasy world. I am working with my editor to make final revisions now and then I will try the agent route. I’ve been working on it for six years. I’ve learned a lot in the process so hopefully the next one goes more quickly.

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  2. mimispeike Avatar

    The closest I come to romance is when my cat Sly falls in love with a capuchin monkey at Queen Elizabeth’s court. He writes her sonnets. They are a pair at the court balls, to the delight of all. She spurns his graceful courtship. She has the hots for Robert Dudley.

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    1. GD Deckard Avatar
      GD Deckard

      Mimi 🙂 you missed your calling by not writing romantic comedy.

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    2. saramzerig Avatar

      LOL poor Sly!

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  3. GD Deckard Avatar
    GD Deckard

    I’m currently reading Unearthed, not my usual genre. I had no idea how much world-building went into fantasy romance. Unearthed does a great job of building multiple realms and linking them together with personal relationships.

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    1. saramzerig Avatar

      Thank you, GD 🙂

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  4. Carl E. Reed Avatar

    Ah, yes!

    Romance is everyone’s secret dream . . .
    –Michael Shurtleff

    A tangential (but not entirely irrelevant, one hopes) contribution to this discussion: Just finished reading The Search for Philip K. Dick by Anne R. Dick (his third wife). She recounts in heart-breaking detail what it was like to be married to this brilliant but deeply troubled man during the period in which he produced some of his most highly acclaimed work.

    Love may indeed conquer all–but not before it first bats our emotions around with the crazed ferocity of a methamphetamine’d tiger slashing at a tetherball, eh? Those of us who survive the experience draw rueful comfort from short story collections such as Harlan Ellison’s Love Ain’t Nothing But Sex Misspelled.

    All of this is to say: Good luck with Unearthed, Sara! Even the most bitter and angry of cynics would give most anything to experience anew the intoxication and ecstasy of young love. ‘Tis sweet, sweet madness, indeed! If your novel captures but one one-hundredth of this divine derangement it will succeed in a jaded marketplace, and mayhap legions of the desolate and despairing might live and laugh and love–albeit vicariously–once again. Salute!

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  5. saramzerig Avatar

    Thank you, Carl! I sometimes think the term love endures all is more accurate than love conquers all. 😉

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    1. Christy Moceri Avatar
      Christy Moceri

      My stories are pretty dark. I like to say, “Love makes life bearable.”

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