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Joining the Writers Co-op

Being a typical writer in that I feel justified, artistically and even morally, if not financially, to shut out all distractions when writing, I forget my manners. Those of you who have contributed a blog to this organization should have been -and hereby are- invited to join the Writers Co-op. If you are not a member, and we have published your blog, please accept my apology for not having already made that very clear by sending you a personal invite.

The Writers Co-op is open to anyone living the writer’s life. Writers, Editors and Publishers of course, but also everyone from ARC & BETA readers to Illustrators to Publicists to Retailers to Voice actors to Zealots zealous about grammar. Anyone who helps books get written, published, and sold are welcome here. Feel free to blog about your writing or your business. We need your input. We all benefit from sharing knowledge and experience.

To join the Writers-Co-op, email GD<at>Deckard<dot>com. I promise to not put you on our mailing list. I’ve been too distracted to start one.


5 thoughts on “Joining the Writers Co-op

  1. mimispeike says:

    OK, people, I just got laid off from my job. I’ve been there eighteen years. I’d been thinking lately, is it coming? It’s gotten so-so slow.

    I have plenty of time now to work on my book.

    I have a decent-sized 401K to transfer. I’d been putting the max into it. I was only taking home about one hundred dollars a week. My husband and I both have our Social Security. It’s not a disaster. There’s no need to panic.

    I just finished a graphic (new, not Sha-Sha) that I will post on medium.com as an introduction to my novel. Find my promotional nonsense, shortly, in the publication: ‘Going Rogue’.

    ‘Going Rogue Too’ contains a different project, but you’re welcome to investigate there also.

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    • Perry Palin says:


      Sorry to hear about the job. I gave up (what I hope will be) my last day job about three years ago. I recommend retirement to everyone. It’s good of course to have the money to pay your bills and also to have a rich uncle who will leave you some dough.

      I’ll be looking for your projects.

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    • Sorry to hear about the lay-off, Mimi, but it sounds like you’ll be able to weather the storm quite comfortably. Thank goodness! Now you can devote additional time and energy into actualizing Sly into the hearts and minds of divers cat-loving masters and mistresses of sardonic observation, wry asides, and all manner of genteel rhetorical mayhem and doctoral-grade smart-assery [sic].

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