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In Case You Missed It

Here are a few of the useful blogs to have appeared on the Writers Co-op site over the past two or three years.

Practical advice from a full-time (i.e., successful) writer.

Where do your story ideas come from?

How to Format a Manuscript: Andrea Dawn, publisher.

Do Google Ads sell books?

POV explained.

What is the reading level of your work?

Writing meaningful nonsense.

Publishing Through A Start-Up Independent Publisher

Deep historical research

How a talisman can help you write

And, just for fun…
Spiteful but funny quotes from writers about other writers

We hope you’eve enjoyed the last two or three years as much as we have!


4 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It

  1. mimispeike says:

    Thanks, GD. Rereading ‘Silly History’ has given me a new idea for an image. It will be labor-intensive. I’ll have it up on Facebook in a day or two. I’ve got a big smile on my face. It’s going to be great!

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  2. There is a lot I left out about different points of view, but I’ll resist the urge to add to this. (All but impossible for me, a constant rewriter.) The piece functions as a brief, demystifying introduction to the topic, so I’ll let it stand as is.


  3. mimispeike says:

    This post came at exactly the right time. I’ve rewritten three of my pieces and posted them to medium.com.

    I’ve gotten a lot done this week, in spite of being somewhat depressed. I just finished assembling the pieces. This weekend I work on my Elizabethan Sly, who will be on my cover. I had a cat picked out, but I like the one in the turban better.

    I’m reading Photoshop For Dummies. There’s such a lot I don’t know. Did you know that every time you resave a jpg you degrade the quality? I sure didn’t. Best to always make your changes in the .psd file (says the book), then save it to your web-friendly format. Always start from the original.

    I worked in Photoshop for years, producing a catalog. But all I did was color correction, one narrow function. So I’m really a baby in the application. I’m intimidated, and I’m depressed. If I can get my arms around a procedure for web-acceptable art, I’ll deal with printer art later.


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