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Would you like to be a literary judge?


Before we started The Rabbit Hole here at the Writers’ Co-op, I edited three anthologies called the Book a Break. They contained stories selected from submissions to a literary competition I ran, which attracted a fair bit of attention. I’ve now compiled all the stories into a bumper edition called 83 because, well, there are 83 stories in it. The aim now is to produce a Best of the Book a Break compilation. For that, the 83 stories will be whittled down to 40 or so, comprising those already commended plus 20 to 25 others, selected from the 58 other stories.

I could of course decide myself which stories to include. But as these things are subjective, I’d feel more serene if I had a few other opinions. So here’s your chance to be a literary judge. It’s very simple – all you need do is give a mark out of 5 to each of the 58 stories.

What do the judges get? A list of simple criteria to help them decide (see below), a free copy of the 83 stories, plenty of time to read them (the stories have a 2000 word limit, and the deadline is 31st April) and their name credited in the Best of the Book a Break compilation. The proceeds go to the Against Malaria Foundation.

Interested? Drop me a line via the contact page on this site.


5: Yes! Took me straight into its world and left me thinking about it afterwards.
4: Great story – characters, dialogue and narrative all very well done. Comic, dramatic or disturbing, it hit the mark.
3: Good story, nicely told, but lacking that extra bit that would make it sparkle.
2: A bit hit and miss but enjoyable all the same.
1: Mildly interesting, but didn’t really work for me.

9 thoughts on “Would you like to be a literary judge?

  1. Though anything that promotes fiction is on the good side of life in my opinion, I object to any and all stated, delineated guidelines. I urge the judge of judges to, in practice, simply choose a story that feels like it may be one of the best. (Best? Not good for the milieu.)

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    • Thanks for the input, Rick. The guidelines are hardly restrictive, so I can’t see there’s an issue there. It’s just a loose rating system which some people might find helpful. Would you like to be a judge? You can safely ignore the guidelines if they bother you.

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  2. mimispeike says:

    Sorry Curtis, this is bad timing for me. I’m working on my website, and I’m going to write an entry for Weird Romance, and to read and evaluate – how many? eighty? stories is more than I can contemplate.

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