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I Find the Covid To Be…

Finish that statement as you like. Me, I find the Covid to be rife with story fodder. It provides common references for readers that benefit any genre.

Horror, obviously. The Covid is acidic and round, with spikes that bind to your cell’s outer membrane. As it sits against the cell, more spikes come out, like grappling hooks and soon, its acid burns a hole through the membrane and the virus slips inside. At this point, your body’s defenses cannot find and kill the virus. Your cell is now doomed.
The membrane of the virus dissolves, the genes of the virus spill into the cell, penetrate to the cell nucleus, insert themselves into the cell’s genome, and begin producing copies of the virus. Meanwhile, those spikes have been disintegrating the cell’s outer membrane.
The time it takes for a virus to burst a cell varies, but about 10 hours is not uncommon. Then, a swarm of 100,000 to one million new viruses explode your cell.
That’s real horror.

Or the Thriller genres. No one alive has ever experienced this strong a pandemic, so conspiracy theories abound. Don’t ignore that market of paranoid readers who fear and hate other readers.

And of course, that most popular of genres, Romance: “She could never forget the man she loved because she carried his Covid.”

But, maybe I’m feeling cynical? Six months of quarantine will do that. How about you? How is the Covid affecting your writing life?


12 thoughts on “I Find the Covid To Be…

  1. My trilogy starts out in the “near future,” meaning it could be today if an alien spaceship crashed here. I’m on Book 4. I have to write as if the pandemic never existed, unless I want to go back and rewrite three books–which I don’t.
    How has shelter in place affected my writing? I keep writing; what’s slipping is publishing and promoting.

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  2. You are so right. 2020 was to be our year of travel: Hawaii, Ireland, maybe the Adriatic. Here we sit. It’s amazing that our spirits are as goods they are.

    On top of Covid, we have wildfires, heatwave, violent “protests,” and a prez contest crying out for a “none of the above” choice. How many gawdawful things can we deal with and keep smiling? This sounds like story fuel also. Some kind of dystopian social commentary.
    At least we have toilet paper.

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  3. mimispeike says:

    Reality so grim, I bury myself in my make-believe world. I’m hiding under the covers, writer-wise, more than I ever did. We don’t need to write Dystopian any more. We’re living it.

    You folks write your Covid horror stories. I’m sticking with Maisie and W.C. Fields and (getting to him shortly) Rudolph Rodentino.

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  4. Embarking on book 3 of a 4-book series covering a period that ends in Dec 2019, So in that respect, no change, nor a great deal in my routine. Otherwise just watching with a mixture of fascination and horror as I fear for the future, and not just because of COVID. With both China and the US screwing up mightily in their different ways, and Europe ineffectual and divided, the world seems rudderless and the future scary. Interesting times.

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    • Ha! Throw in India & China shooting at each other, and welcome to the past -it is kinda like the days of the Cold War out there. And fighting the Covid may, really, be one thing demanding that we all work together.

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  5. mimispeike says:

    Maisie in Hollywood (the story) is coming along just fine.

    It’s the art that’s taking over. I have many more paper dolls to create, and movie posters, and novelty items with her image. After all, she was a small sensation, for a while.

    I found a page out of a movie mag, The Designer’s Dreams Come True. I’m changing the title to The Designer’s Dream. Valentino’s looks for his various movies, some photos, some sketches, will be replaced by Maisie in the latest high fashion. The sub-title: No one wears clothes like everyone’s darling, Maisie Mulot.

    I’m going to wipe out the type, replace it with my own copy. My challenge: to degrade my newly set type so that it matches the print on a century-old sheet out of a movie mag, mottled type, discolored stock, bent corners, etc.

    I tried it on a movie poster, got a so-so result. I’ll keep at it until I’ve got the method worked out.

    Some combo of filters, reduced opacity, changing the type to a graphic and adding some slight distortion, some this and that will do it. Break up the letterforms a bit, like you see in old books, where the ink did not get laid-down evenly.

    All of this, and whatever else comes to mind. I want it to look like the genuine article.

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  6. Perry Palin says:

    I find the Covid to be depressing my already modest writing efforts.

    Our family has not suffered a Covid illness so far, and we’ve been insulated from the economic devastation that it has brought to so many people. The rising case total and death toll, the wrangling around obtaining and distributing PPE and something as simple as wearing a mask, and the woefully inadequate response to the pandemic at the federal, state, and local level are unconscionable.

    One of my sisters has joined a group that advocates the complete reopening of her state, saying that the people are best able to make their own decisions as to how to stay safe and defeat the virus. She and I are both vulnerable by age and medical condition. Perhaps she has not had my experience, being coughed on repeatedly in a grocery checkout line by an unmasked and obviously ill woman.

    I am an introvert. In the past my best days were days I spent alone. But six months of isolation is too long even for me. I miss my kids and grandkids, I miss friends and community gatherings, and I miss browsing through the public library or sitting down in a nice restaurant. I have thrown myself into fishing, gardening, and farm work, but that doesn’t much help.

    My writing does not mention Covid-19, but my writing now is sporadic, and darker, more somber, reflecting my disappointment with our current condition.

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  7. Tried video games? There are currently 3 billion active video gamers online. You’re bound to meet people you enjoy sharing a game with. Gamers have a saying, “I came for the game but I stayed for the people.”

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