Inflections in Horror: The Weird Worlds of Carl E. Reed, vol. I.

Inflections in Horror: The Weird Worlds of Carl E. Reedvol. I., has released digitally. (CD and vinyl will follow in about a month’s time.)

This album comprises ten chilling excursions into madness, mayhem and the macabre. Many of the poems are introduced to the listener with brief forewards. (A number of these poems have been published in Spectral Realms journal; others–though scheduled elsewhere–have not yet been published.)


Please know that you can click on any of the tracks to hear that particular work entire.

I believe you will find the album’s offerings appropriate for this autumnal jack-o’-lantern season.

In closing:

Be well. Be wary. Beware!

And thank you for listening, Inconstant Reader–heh!


13 thoughts on “Inflections in Horror: The Weird Worlds of Carl E. Reed, vol. I.

    • Hey Nickie! Still alive and kicking, heh! (Okay, semi-comatose and twitching–but that counts right? Right?!)

      We made a deliberate, conscious choice to put the album out for free for those who want to “try-before-they-buy” or are otherwise economically stressed. But for those who can, we hope they will find it in their hearts to dig deep into lint-lined purses and pockets to part with a few shekels to support the project.

      Art ain’t cheap, folks! (Even a shoe-string, underground, punk-rock production like this has costs associated with its production.)

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  1. atthysgage says:

    A fun listen. It reminded me in some ways of those old time radio programs — Suspense, The Whistler — though it was not one ongoing story. The similarity was more one of feeling and mood. The stuff on Lovecraft was interesting and well presented, and the poetry is delightfully creepy. If there is a 2nd volume, I think you should include some longer pieces, particularly some of your short fiction. But all in all, well done, Sir!

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  2. victoracquista says:

    Kudos all around, Carl. I think the production quality of your narrated voice and the sound effects are quite good and are appealing. Of course, the content is thought provoking and strangely appealing as well. I’m not a fan of horror but weird is good. It feels as though I’ve momentarily plugged into an outlet that streams weird into my brain. I also agree about the old time radio vibe. I’m not sure why, but delving inside your mind reminds me a little of the film Being John Malkovich.

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  3. DocTom says:

    Hello Carl,

    Good, strong voice, reminds me of a couple of folks I hear on NPR. I’m surprised you never tried a career in broadcast.

    I’m not much for horror, but you carried it off well (sound effects all placed and timed perfectly too). You list it as poetry, but it struck me more as a kind of verbal flash fiction which should be well received. When is the CD available?

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    • Tom,

      Thanks for commenting! We’re asking a suggested $5 (support a starving artist, heh!) for the digital copy. (Bandcamp, Amazon, CD-Baby, etc.) CD-Rom and vinyl will be available in another month or so.

      As for future voice-over or broadcasting projects: If “they” want to get a hold of me, they know where to find me. (I’m not holding my breath.)

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