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The Writers Co-op and Sci-Fi Lampoon Magazine each began as an idea posted in a talented Internet group. As Curtis Bausse noted in the first Co-op blog, “Here We Are,” five of us ‘met’ on Book Country, a Penguin Books website where writers posted their work for peer review and critiques. That was April of 2016 and here we have posted blogs by writers every week since. Sci-Fi Lampoon Magazine began with a suggestion posted in the Sci-Fi Roundtable group on Facebook in 2019, and last week it took third place in an old, respected, literary poll as the best fiction magazine. Internet groups are the best thing to happen for networking since speech.

Not to McLuhanize this, but the learned gentleman long ago pointed out that electronic media not only speeds up communication but it also breaks populations down into smaller groups. Finding writers by their genre is easy in a world where Facebook has a group dedicated to collectors of garage door openers.

As a writer, what groups have you found to be helpful in your writing life?


10 thoughts on “Notable and Noted

  1. That’s a difficult question for me to answer, GD. Book Country and the Writers Co-Op have been the most important re: long-term engagement. In-person writers groups never seem to last, foundering almost immediately (in my experience) due to three critical failings (1) Some members don’t want to write (2) some members don’t want to be critiqued, and (3) some members suck all the oxygen out of the room due to varied types of personality disorder.

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  2. Several, in addition to this one.
    1. The science fiction/fantasy forum run by E.M. And Ducky. Having dedicated moderators keeps it going. First FB group I ever joined.
    2. The 4F Society, my long-time crit group. Stands for Fun, Fortune, Fame, and Fuck the critics. Started in the late 80s. Monthly meetings
    3. The Write Practice. A writers’ community run by Joe Bunting, with seminars, crit groups, and discussion forums. I pay $15 a month for it. World-wide reach
    4. Nanowrimo. I’ve been participating for several years. I make contributions.
    5. BAIPA, Bay Area Independent Publishers Assn. Monthly meetings, currently on Zoom . Mostly local writer/ self-publishers.
    6. IBPA, Independent Book Publishers Assn. I just joined. US-wide.

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    • Perry Palin says:

      I, like Mimi, don’t belong to other writer sites. In my case it’s due in part to the fact that our small town/rural location has few options, all bad, for internet service. When the school districts here went to online learning, it was near impossible to get some bandwidth from mid-morning to early evening. It has improved a bit lately, but is still clunky.

      I am taking a writing class by Zoom now, which is good, and we share writing and publishing ideas. I learn from the other participants even if they are not polished writers.

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  3. I belong to two writers’ groups that I’m finding very helpful. The first is a group of writers published by the same publisher that my debut novel was. We meet via Zoom every other week to discuss strategies for promoting our work, both our own and each other’s. The comaraderie has been very encouraging. We keep each other going! The other group is sponsored by the Woven Tale Press with a blend of writers from different genres and visual artists. We do a Zoom “salon” every other week to present our work and discuss our artistic process. I did mine on taking risks with my writing. The response I got was so genuinely encouraging (and surprising!) that I decided to move forward with self-publishing the book.

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