Hemingway Said Write the Truest Sentence That You Know

Howcome I can’t tell you 

in simple, direct words 

the meaning of everything 

without you staring blankfaced 

or rolling your eyes? 


The meaning of your life is this: 

find meaning & live it. That’s it. 

Prance a little before you corpse. 

Life is sentience & sensation. 

Nothing more. 

Nothing less. 


As to everything else 

cosmos & the void— 

we don’t know enough yet 

to ask the right questions. 

But note: We keep probing. 


In the meantime—

indulge in the ecstasies of art 

good food, drink 

a friend, mentor or lover who is fully present 

the steadying, stalwart companionship  

of dogs.  



what more could you want? 


18 thoughts on “Hemingway Said Write the Truest Sentence That You Know

  1. Thank you, GD! The challenge I set for myself here was to convey, in the simplest and most direct language, no-BS answers to those nagging existential questions that haunt thinking men and women all their lives: Why am I here? What’s it all about, Alfie? How shall I live my life? You’ve found the perfect piece of art to complement the poem. Much obliged! PS. I cannot reproduce a double-line break in WordPress, for some reason. A 20-increment long-dash conveys the idea, breaking up the poem into the discrete chunks I’d originally intended.

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    • The lines of dashes are better than double line breaks anyway.

      I U do ever really want to add a little blank vertical space between things, U can clk on [Code Editor] and put something like [ <div style=”height:1.4em”></div> ] directly into the HTML code.  Tweak the number em units as needed.

      The stuff inside [ … ] above should appear as plain uninterpreted HTML code, but WP can be tricky in how it processes comment text.  And I may have missed a typo in the contortions that make code appear as literal text, rather than as something to interpret.

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    • I am glad the poem resonated with you. It resonated with me; demanded to be written. It’s taken near six decades of experience and practice to learn to write simply and directly about “the important stuff”. (What’s that quote of Vonnegut’s? Rough paraphrase: “I am getting older; running out of time. Losing patience with art and artifice. I’m afraid I’ve become unapologetically didactic: Nowadays I just come right out and say what I mean.”)

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  2. mimispeike says:

    I bopped in and out of here all yesterday, trying to think of what to say that wasn’t a downer.

    It just came to me.

    When you’re in pain (I am, most of the time–my arthritis is worse and worse), it helps to look at raccoons, possums, skunks, and bats eating bananas. Thank you Facebook.

    Also good: two rats named Bean and Donut pushing a rat-size shopping cart.

    There you have it, my current reality in a nutshell.

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