Today I am 79 years of age and three quarters of a century is time enough to have the things that young men dream of.
New Year, GD Deckard, The Quantum Soul

That is the first line in the first short fiction of mine to be published and on this day it is true.

“Well, my old friend, it certainly is time for you to relax and look back on a full life.”

Bidziil Zahnii looked at Maxwell as if his doctor misunderstood where babies came from. “Now is the time to look forward, Max.”

At seventeen, I decided to become a writer. But not then. I didn’t know enough. Figured I’d know the answers to life’s big questions when I got older. Imagine my surprise when sixty rolled around and I still had no clue. Oh well, I did have experiences so I started writing, making up the big answers as I went. Douglas Adams had already demonstrated that an answer of “42” is good.

The best thing about writing is there is always something to look forward to. I awoke this morning thinking about the insight-full criticisms others here have given me on a piece that I put in Sue’s Show Case. I made the changes.
Thanks, guys! You have made the opening of my WiP balanced. I look forward to finishing it.

P.S. I would have written a more useful blog but it’s my birthday and I don’t have to.


18 responses to “Thanks, Guys!”

  1. Mike Avatar

    Love this.

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  2. Mike Van Horn Avatar

    Great, GD! I also am 79, and I’ve still got two lifetimes of stuff to write. I just finished co-authoring a marketing book with a guy half my age. I am definitely with Bidziil Zahnii.

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    1. Mike Van Horn Avatar

      Oh, and happy birthday, you old fart!

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  3. MamaSquid Avatar

    May I be so witty and talented at 79. You give me hope that my best writing years lie ahead of me. Happy Birthday 🙂

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  4. Carl E. Reed Avatar

    Happy birthday, GD! Congrats! Many more–in good health and high spirits.

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  5. mimispeike Avatar

    Happy birthday, GD! I hope you’re in better (physical) shape than I am.

    We are both among the lucky ones, in this respect: My doctor asked me, three or four years ago: are you OK with retirement? Or are you lost with all the free time you now have?

    I told her, free time? What free time? I’m at my computer eight hours a day, writing and illustrating. She said, I guess I don’t have to worry about you.

    I’ve seen this written, multiple times: Being a writer is like having homework for the rest of your life. Ain’t that the truth!

    At seventeen you decided to become a writer! That statement amazes me. How many of us decided to be a writer? I sure didn’t. I wrote, period. I had stories in me that demanded to be worked out on paper.

    I tell stories to myself. It’s the best kind of entertainment I know. I never thought of turning it into a career, I just wanted to have fun. And I did. And I do.

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  6. Susan Ranscht Avatar

    Happy Birthday, GD! May you have many more to celebrate. “But it’s my birthday and I don’t have to” should be the Law of the Land. The writer you have become could create a land where 79 year olds flourish in the world of their choosing, and everyone else defers to their wisdom. Or is that what Bidziil Zahnii already represents?

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  7. curtisbausse Avatar

    That’s a useful blog, GD. Allows us to wish you a happy birthday and like Bidziil, many more to look forward to.

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  8. Perry Palin Avatar
    Perry Palin

    Happy birthday, Sir.

    You have reached that certain age when you can attend to those things that are important, and forget about, or get away with pretending to forget about, all the rest.

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  9. GD Deckard Avatar

    Thank you all, very much. I awoke this morning listening to my Lady singing to herself in the kitchen as she made us Eggs Benedict and thought, how lucky I am to live with a happy woman.
    And now all this! Thanks, guys 🙂 You help make 79 worth the trip.

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  10. mimispeike Avatar

    My favorite birthday card of all time, drawn by, I think her name was Pamela. She had a super-successful line of really fun cards for all occasions.

    It was a charmingly illustrated card, with small cartoons of animals. Picture this:

    Hippo – birdie – ewe – ewe (two ewes/to you).
    Hippo – birdie – ewe – ewe (two ewes).
    Hippo – birdie – deer – ewe.
    Hippo – birdie – ewe – ewe (two ewes/to you).

    I bought a dozen of the cards, and sent them out long ago.

    My next favorite card of hers was: “Things are getting worse. Please send chocolate.”

    And: (Cover: A marching band of zany-looking animals) “Some of us march to the beat of a different drummer.” Inside the card: “Then there are those of us who are just plain weird.” My story, in a nutshell.

    I don’t doubt that everyone I sent one of them to felt it to be highly appropriate. (I bought a bunch of those as well.) Actually, I never found a card of hers that didn’t appeal to me.

    Ah! A name just popped into my head. I believe her name was Pamela Boynton.

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    1. MamaSquid Avatar

      Sandra Boynton makes great children’s books too.

      Zang! Bop! Skiddley pow!
      The dinosaur dance is starting now!

      My son loves them.

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  11. victoracquista Avatar

    Congrats on making it to 79 GD and happy birthday. Having seen you not that long ago, I’ll add that you are a young 79. It is nice to enjoy every stage of your life. I find I am enjoying this age 65 stage and draw inspiration from people such as you who are productive, vibrant, and still enjoying life.

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  12. DocTom Avatar

    Hey GD, sorry I’m late with this, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

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  13. Mellow Curmudgeon Avatar

    GD is a few years ahead of me.  Don’t think I can catch up. 

    Hmmm.  Has anybody written a time travel tale in which a kid becomes older than Daddy and gives him a hard time?

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    1. GD Deckard Avatar

      That is one of the main story lines in the video game, Fallout 4.

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      1. Mellow Curmudgeon Avatar

        Nothing new orbiting the sun. 🙂

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