Here are 9 publishers and agents currently seeking submissions.
If you know of more, please add them in the Comments?

Amazing Stories Magazine
Amazing Stories is excited to announce the launch of a brand new, weekly series of science fiction stories.

Dark Matter Magazine
Dark Matter Magazine brings the best in dark science fiction and horror for seven issues per year in print and digital.

Learning for Justice Magazine & Publications
Learning for Justice provides timely articles and publications to address current social justice issues and to promote racial equity and inclusive education.

Old Moon Quarterly
Old Moon Quarterly is a small, independent online magazine devoted to publishing weird sword-and-sorcery fiction set in a historical paranormal setting or a secondary-world, with a focus on well-rounded characters driving strange action.

Sci-Fi Lampoon Magazine
Send us your best fantasy, sci-fi, and horror themed humor. We’re looking for flash (under 1000 words) and short fiction (7500 words, MAX), as well as high-res art, lampoon classifieds and ads.

David Godwin
David Godwin Associates is a leading literary agency founded in 1995 by David and Heather Godwin. We represent an exciting and varied list of international writers, including novelists, poets, biographers, historians and journalists.
As a small agency, we pride ourselves on the close and effective relationships that we build with our clients.
DGA offers a comprehensive service, handling all rights worldwide including translation, film and TV.

Caroline Trussell
Caroline is passionate about finding writers with unique voices and points of view and is looking for steamy romances, out of this world fantasies, and YA and MG that touch on vital topics that can’t be ignored.

Nalini loves nothing more than discovering and nurturing talented authors. She likes to build strong, long-term relationships with her clients and keep open lines of communication.
Nalini primarily represents commercial fiction. She is always interested in seeing new women’s fiction, romance, historical fiction, thrillers and horror. Nalini maintains a diverse client list and loves to find exciting new voices that utilize elements of different genres to tell their story.

And, of course, our own:
The Rabbit Hole Vol 6
Following this year’s fifth edition, we continue to explore how ‘weird’ fits into numerous genres or themes with a new theme, “Destination: Journey.”
“Destination: Journey” allows for a wide range of stories. In a simple sense, the journey itself being the destination can be taken literally or as a metaphor for life. On the other hand, as a non-sequitur it can mean almost anything – think Kafka, Bierce, Serling, or Lovecraft — and we’re really looking forward to your interpretation, because falling into the Rabbit Hole is always a strange and different experience.


14 responses to “Publishing Possibilities, January 2023”

  1. Sandy Randall Avatar

    Great post GD. Always nice to know who’s looking for writers! Also Writers Co-op is still accepting submissions for RH 6 as well … which is where I’ll be this afternoon … reading the latest submissions!

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    1. GD Deckard Avatar

      Oops! That has been added. Thank you, Sandy!

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  2. victoracquista Avatar

    Thanks for sharing this info, GD. You were kind enough to clue me in on Duotrope several years ago. I’ll share info here but the credit goes to you: For a monthly $5.00 pittance, Duotrope gives you a searchable database to find agents, magazines, publishers, contests and other useful information. And, you can track your submissions using their submission tracker. That tracker gives you a lot of additional information such as response times, member success rates, and an assortment of additional information.

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    1. GD Deckard Avatar

      Thanks, Victor. Duotrope really is a useful source for writers and for publishers. The Rabbit Hole anthologies and Sci-Fi Lampoon magazine have used Duotrope since day one to solicit manuscripts. We get them from, literally, around the world.

      An endearing trait of Duotrope is that a real person responds if anyone has a question. Odd, and refreshing, these days.

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  3. mimispeike Avatar

    All right, I’ll give it another shot. I’ll submit to David Godwin. He’s in London. That may or may not help, but I’ll go on that theory. I believe he said they reply in six weeks. That’s a far cry from the six months some of them say.

    I’ll call Sly Upmarket Fiction. Last time I said Magical Realism. I never heard back.

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    1. GD Deckard Avatar

      This might interest you, Mimi.

      Best Picture Book Publishing Companies 2023

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    2. victoracquista Avatar

      Hi Mimi,
      I came across this resource: a searchable data base for Literary Agents. I entered “picture books” and got a listing of 199 agents. Hope this is helpful:
      Have fun!


  4. Perry Palin Avatar
    Perry Palin

    Shipwreckt Books & Lost Lake Folk Opera Magazine.

    Small independent publisher located in southern Minnesota. They published the only short story I submitted to them several years ago in Lost Lake Folk Opera, which is a pretty cool print literary magazine. I had a relatively quick turnaround time and felt I was treated well. The publisher was attentive and communicative. Maybe I have to send them another story.

    The last time I really looked at their site they were not accepting book submissions. They were dealing with a flood of book proposals. I don’t know if that has changed, but it looks like they are taking submissions for the magazine.

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  5. mimispeike Avatar

    Most of these–science fiction, social justice, sword and sorcery, paranormal–do not fit Sly. Fantasy humor? I’m fairly certain my talking cat is not what they have in mind.

    Sly is a category unto himself. But what I’ve read about ‘upmarket fiction’ gives me to think I might squeeze him in there. Does anyone agree with me on that?

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    1. GD Deckard Avatar

      I’m thinking more along the lines of Taschen, an art book publisher.


      1. mimispeike Avatar

        Never heard of it. I’m checking it out. But what’s with those prices?

        Art books, okay. But Sly is not an art book. He’s text only, at present.


        1. GD Deckard Avatar

          I love Sly’s stories. They’re as interesting as they are fun. But with the drawings, the book is art.

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          1. mimispeike Avatar

            If Sly gains a positive reaction, it will eventually be illustrated, perhaps one full page image per chapter, as in the Golden Age children’s books. I’m kicking off with text.

            I am going to run it by Kirkus. My husband will throw a fit. But he gives $100 a year to Doctors Without Borders, has done so for years. Kirkus is my discretionary spending.

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