Cover art by Bill McCormick

An anthology of stories by writers from around the world about things going so well you can’t trust them. Then something bad happens.
Ah, there it is: The Fuckening.

My story in The Fuckening is titled, Apoc TV. It’s about a TV station after a nuclear war broadcasting “Good News of the Apocalypse” from their 50,000 watt “Tower of Power” near Anchorage, Alaska. The news seems good, at first, but it ain’t.

My lady and I had one of those days last week. After a fine breakfast we sat awhile on our lania overlooking the golf course on a sunny morning. Then we went inside to check our email.

Our xFinity cable service was down. So, we used our phones’ wi-fi hotspots to get on the ‘Net and to watch Fire TV. On my Internet radio, half of my preselected stations were out. Then our T-Mobile phone service went out. No email, no phones, no TV, no radio. Fine. I decided to play an xBox video game. Why not? But the xBox network was down. That left me cut off from the world, alone with my own thoughts.

What if the Internet itself came down? What if it never came back? The Writers Co-op would cease to exist. So would Sci-Fi Lampoon magazine. There would be no more self-published books and no one could buy the eleventy-million already published on the ‘Net. Friends whom I meet only online would vanish like bubbles. Life would come down to me and the people and the things physically near to me.

That’s the world I grew up in. In my hometown, for the most part, we knew only the locals, only used things that were made there, and only ate food grown nearby.

Not sure how the world-wide network that supplies us with all of our goods and services would fare, but probably not well. It is the Internet that connects us and without it, all the bits and pieces of commerce would fall to rest. Eight billion people would suddenly live in a world where the food at hand was not enough. At least, until there were a few billion less people. The world’s population when I was in high school was around two and a half billion.

We are at least vaguely aware that the Internet is vulnerable and vital. Our government certainly knows that. The same man who is the Commander of U.S. Cyber Command is also the Director of the National Security Agency and Chief of the Central Security Service and a four-star general in the United States Army. Paul M. Nakasone knows the fuckening is closer than we think.

But relax. Grab your copy of The Fuckening anthology right here and now:

All of the stories are, I assure you, fiction. So, take your mind off the worries of real life.
Everything is going well.


6 responses to “It’s ALIVE!!!”

  1. Bill McCormick Avatar

    I had a blast working on the cover with Ian. And, were I a younger and more flexible man, I’d be fellating myself in joy after having one of my stories accepted.

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    1. GD Deckard Avatar

      My lady and I both enjoyed your story, “The Writer’s Stuff,” Bill. Wonderfully entertaining!

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  2. GD Deckard Avatar

    COMMENT by Art Lasky:

    The Fuckening anthology, a collection of hilarious stories about things getting fucked up is here:

    I Laughed my way through the whole collection of stories, including ‘I Should’ve Known I Was About to Be Fucked’ by Art Lasky — confession time, yeah that’s me.

    ‘I Should’ve Known I Was About to Be Fucked’ is the story of what happens when the author signs a suspiciously low-priced lease in a luxury high rise… Yeah, he gets fucked, ’cause the apartment is an interdimensional crossroads frequented by an assortment of eldritch creatures. So, don’t waste anymore time, click on the link above and order a copy, or two.

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  3. Sue Ranscht Avatar

    Thanks for the info, GD! Sounds entertaining and timely, but is not, as you’ve suggested, downloadable. Lulu is, however, happy to print a paperback version (“usually within 3-5 business days”) for USD 20.36, which — be forewarned — does not include shipping and tax. My copy will have to wait just a little while longer. (I’d give up Starbucks for it, but I’ve already given up Starbucks, lol.)

    Edit: GD has since corrected his description of what the link will sell you. Thanks, GD!

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    1. GD Deckard Avatar

      Thanks for checking, Sue. I mislabeled the link (corrected, now.)
      The publisher is used to publishing the magazine as hardcopy only. And the book is proving popular with college-age readers who like to wave a hard copy at their friends. So, it may never make it into digital.

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  4. themargret Avatar

    I hate it when you’re killing time waiting for your evil plan to hatch and the froyo machine is broken.


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