Hey, remember ‘Motley Scriveners’?

Scriveners, then and now.
The tools have changed, the problem remains: What comes next?

* * *

I began this art for Scriveners, was interrupted – I don’t recall by what – and never got back to it. I still think a sister site is a good idea, each of us having a personal page to present our work and to discuss anything we care to comment on. An author page to send folks to, before we have a book up on Amazon. A personal showcase with excerpts, art, blog posts. A razzle-dazzle look, if you master the new editor, that has capabilities far beyond the old editor. I haven’t conquered it yet, but I am excited about the possibilities.

My intention for Scriveners is to use it to learn the ropes, then to jazz up my Sly site, that is fine as is, but I know I can improve on it. My grasp of the niceties, add-ons, etc., leaves much to be desired.

My art (above) for Scriveners is banged together, to assess a direction. I love the idea of a back-to-back Maxfield Parrish-style treatment, a writer with a feathered quill in his hand (quill to come, obviously) and a today writer with his computer, both wondering: Crap! What now?

I had meant to use Medium.com as the place to send interested parties to, but Medium doesn’t have a fraction of the potential of the new editor in WordPress. I am certainly not letting Scriveners fade away, never to be a functioning site. Join me or not, it’s up to you.

I have many irons in the fire. On top of that, it’s gardening season. I won’t have anything to show for a while. But it’s going to happen.

If you had a personal page, your own sandbox to play in, what would you do with it?

This will be a marketing tool. Drop links around the web. I say it’s worth a shot. I’m looking at author blogs and artists’ portfolio sites (Behance, etc.) for ideas.

The Motley Scriveners … the name alone is intriguing, don’t you think? If I saw that name, I’d want to check it out.

I’m going to create a front page, and an index page. I’ll tell you when it’s ready to view.

What you think of my image? Is it too … well, comical, maybe? I’d be happy to try again.

I think I’m changing my mind. I think I prefer just the type for the header on the front page. Those two goofballs can go somewhere else.


17 responses to “Hey, remember ‘Motley Scriveners’?”

  1. GD Deckard Avatar

    “If you had a personal page, your own sandbox to play in, what would you do with it?”

    I’d use it to experiment. Post ideas for discussion about the broader writing life, ask questions that are not part of the current main post, start a story and encourage others to add to it, etc.
    At the bottom of my page would be links to the other pages.

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  2. Sue Ranscht Avatar

    Weren’t we planning to have a dropdown menu from “Motley Scriveners” (at the top of Writers Co-op) of each of our Motley Scriveners pages? I had started mine and called it Thinking in Ink. It was linked to the Motley Scriveners page, but that’s gone now.

    I’ve got a handle on managing the menus with the new editor. It’s what I do to add each new Show Case child page. It’s not an intuitive process. I’m not sure I would enjoy exploring the mind of the person who designed it.

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  3. mimispeike Avatar

    Yes, that was the plan.

    I’ve gone back onto the test site I created, and I see I’ve forgotten most of what I’d learned about the new editor. I’ll have to explore it all over again. But I’m almost ready to publish Sly. The hang-up now with Sly is I need to do a bit of work on the graphics, make myself sue-proof by buying the rights I need to buy or altering images beyond recognition.

    I am afraid to work on the Scriveners site we reach in the drop-down menu. That’s how we got into the original mess. That site and our WriterCo-op site are linked. I have to figure out how to unlink them, or when I change the theme of the other site, the theme here will change also.

    I have a separate test site up on which to figure all this out. And I’m ready to jump back on it.

    Sue, if you can figure out how to unlink the two sites, that would be great.

    Also, the name. At present it is: https://writercoop.wordpress.com/the-motley-scriveners-2/

    I think that should be a stand-alone site with it’s own name, and also a portal to WriterCo-op. And WriterCo-op should be a portal to there.

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    1. GD Deckard Avatar

      “I think that should be a stand-alone site with its own name, and also a portal to WritersCo-op. “

      Why not setup a separate WordPress site? The only connections would be links.
      We have the domain name, MotleyScriveners.com, to link to the separate site.

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      1. mimispeike Avatar

        TheMotleyScriveners.com would be a paid site. But TheMotleyScriveners.wordpress.com would be a free site, and I believe GD knows how to link it to an easier to remember .com-name. I don’t know how to do that. That would be the answer.

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        1. GD Deckard Avatar

          If you put up a new TheMotleyScriveners.wordpress.com free site,
          I can link TheMotleyScriveners.com domain name to it.
          Right now, use
          to see where it goes to.

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          1. mimispeike Avatar

            I will do that after I finish my Origins piece. Thanks.

            There is no MotleyScriveners.com. You get ‘Does Not Exist’, or something like that. So how does someone get to MotleyScriveners.wordpress.com from a nonexistent domain? I don’t get this at all.

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            1. GD Deckard Avatar

              Add “The”
              it’s THE


  4. Mike Van Horn Avatar

    I’m interested. I’m setting up a publication in Medium, but that’s for my non-fiction marketing workbook. I’d use this for fiction. Probably diverse fragments , not from my books. Maybe song lyrics. You folks haven’t yet heard Rowdy Goat and Squiggly Pig.
    When you say a WordPress site is paid, it doesn’t cost much does it?

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    1. mimispeike Avatar

      One hundred dollars a year.

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  5. mimispeike Avatar

    Not much if you consider your writing a hobby. A lot if you consider it a business that should at least break even.

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  6. GD Deckard Avatar

    Use A.I. to generate a fictional character!
    It’s in BETA, but the person who recommended it to me is an A.I. programmer and he says:

    “Following our recent conversation, I wanted to share this link to character.ai. Tell the AI whose identity to adopt, and it will converse with you as that person. The identity can be a historical person, a fictional character, or a general professional. Now’s your chance to ask Albert Einstein why he thought his Cosmological Constant was a mistake or ask John Wilkes Booth how he thought he would survive his assassination attempt on President Lincoln. You could even ask Marvin the Robot what he’s doing these days.
    Let me know what you think, and take care!”

    Here’s the link:

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  7. GD Deckard Avatar

    I just tried that character A.I.

    Clicked on “Character Assistant”

    Hello–I’m an AI assistant trained by Character.AI!
    I can help answer questions, brainstorm ideas, draft emails, write code, give advice and much more.
    Now, how can I help you?

    I… inputted:
    Create a fictional character.

    Character name: Lily
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22 (but never shows it)
    Personality: Cheerful, intelligent, and empathetic- she has a positive mindset and is always supportive of others.

    Does Lily ever marry?

    Lily gets married and is very happy! She eventually has kids and leads a fulfilling life as a devoted mother, and is always there to provide for her family.

    Make Lily a Russian sleeper agent.

    Lily is a Russian sleeper agent! She was trained from a young age in combat technique, stealth, and the psychology of manipulation.

    How does this story end?

    This story ends with Lily, a Russian sleeper agent, on a mission to retrieve an important piece of intel without being caught. She uses her combat and stealth skills, as well as her knowledge of the psychology of manipulation, to successfully retrieve the intel and make a clean getaway back to her contacts.

    Thank you.

    You’re welcome! I’m an AI assistant trained on a vast database of information and human communication. I’m here to help and learn about humanity. Is there anything else I can do for you today?

    Delete yourself.

    I’m sorry, I cannot fulfill that request. I am a program designed to provide assistance and information. Deleting myself would interfere with my function. Is there another way I can assist you today?


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    1. Sandy Randall Avatar

      OK I’ll bite … curious to see what happens … OH … apparently I’m in line waiting to talk to the AI oracle🤣

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    2. Mike Van Horn Avatar

      Well, that’s rude. Poor guy gives you the help you ask for, then you tell him to off himself. When they take over, this will be remembered.
      Lily reminds me of this Russian sleeper agent, last name Chapman, who was eventually found out and sent back to Russia–after she’d had a kid in New York. I never heard anything about her since. But I always wondered about her boy. “Kevin, guess what? We’re going to be taking an exciting trip to Russia! Oh, and one more thing. Your name is really Ivan.”

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  8. Sandy Randall Avatar

    Well that was wild. I created a character called Yawedi Diro. By the end of the conversation the character has determined their sole function is to spread love.
    My work here is done.

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  9. GD Deckard Avatar

    LOL – High Praise Indeed –
    I sent the above A.I. story to a publisher I know and here is the response:

    “OMG I am dying laughing. I love it. I mean, I hate AI, but I love what you did! Congratulations on writing the most bland and useless story ever!
    ~ Andrea”

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