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Book promotion and marketing

Jousting Windmills 05/16 GD
Do Google Ads sell books?

The Long View (reviewed) 05/16 Atthys

Getting reviews for your book

How It Could Work 05/16 Atthys

A possible marketing plan

Selling Your Baby 06/16 Sue Ranscht

Out of the box marketing

It’s All Personal 07/16 Perry Palin

Selling your book face to face

Where Now? 07/16 Curtis

Strategies for marketing your second book

Report From The Front Lines 08/16 Atthys

The effect of free ebook promotions

Anything Goes 10/16 Mimi

Proactively promoting your book

What’s Your Plan? 11/16 Mimi

Putting a marketing plan together

Online presence

Here We Are 04/16 Curtis

Initial aims of the co-op

This Blogging Biz 05/16 Curtis

The effect of having a blog

My Approach to Website Design 05/16 Mimi

What a good website should look like

What I Did This Weekend 08/16 Mimi

Playing with the way your website looks

Styles of Promotion 09/16 Mimi

Different ways of promotion and how the co-op site might develop

Some Input, Please 10/16 Mimi

What makes a good website design?

On Extending Our Reach 12/16 Mimi

How to boost the co-op website

A Path 12/16 GD
Towards a wiki for writers

QUOTES 2016 12/16 GD
All falls end and in this universe, as in life, we are all falling. But our first year feels like we are in for a very long fall.


I’ve looked at publishing from both sides now 05/16 Atthys

Traditional vs. Self-publishing

It’s A Grand Game 05/16 Mimi

Challenges facing the writer

Like The Fond, Uncounted Rain 07/16 Atthys

A satirical look at the future of publishing

The Secret Agent Plan 07/16 Atthys

Landing an Agent

Publishing Through A Start-Up Independent Publisher 07/16 Tom Wolosz

Publishing with Bookkus

How Genre Dysphoria Is Ruining My Writing Career 09/16 Atthys

The pitfalls of having to choose a genre for your book

Many A Slip 09/16 Curtis

A hiccup on the way to releasing book number two

Got You Covered 10/16 Atthys

The effect created by the book cover

What Would You Do? 10/16 Curtis

A tricky publishing dilemma

Study Finds Number of Writers May Soon Exceed Readers 11/16 Atthys

On the deluge of books submerging readers

The Bestseller Recipe 11/16 Curtis

So now they know what makes a bestseller

Writing – A Team Sport? 10/16 DJ Lutz

The benefits of participating in an anthology

Self-Publishing is the Way to Go 2/17 GD
Publishers were only necessary because writers lacked printing presses.

Readers and reading

Just Wanna Be Misunderstood 07/16 Atthys

How readers react to your book in their reviews

The Kingdom Of Speech 09/16 GD
A review of Tom Wolfe’s book about the origin of language

Conversation With A Troll 09/16 GD
A troll’s reaction to a book review

‘Tis The Season 06/16 Mimi

Buying books at a book sale

How The Other Half Reads 09/16 Mimi

An abridged version of an article in Slate about reader reviews

This Way Madness Lies, But So What 12/16 Atthys

Reaction to a negative review


The Channillo Challenge  06/16 Curtis

Writing a series for the Channillo website

Tomb of the Unknown Writer 12/16 GD
Faux excerpt from Bob vs The Aliens

Serialisation, part 1 06/16 Mimi

The ins and outs of publishing serialised fiction

Serials: The Little Engine That Could? 08/16 Mimi

An analysis of serialisation as a means to selling fiction


The Women Men Don’t See, Indeed 06/16 Atthys

Introducing James Tiptree / Alice Sheldon

Writers Criticizing Writers 08/16 GD
Spiteful but funny quotes from writers about other writers

The First Named Author 08/16 GD
On the Sumerian poet Enheduanna

Get Off Y’r Butts and Write 09/16 GD
Do we need to experience life to write about it?

Carl E Reed, Where Are You? 10/16 Mimi

How we manage to keep on writing regardless

Oh Spark Divine 10/16 Atthys

Aspiring to greatness and the well of creativity we dip into

The Book a Break Short Story Competition 11/16 Curtis

The experience of running a literary competition

In Defence of “Escapist” Literature 12/16 Carl Reed

Good ‘escapist’ fiction rivals ‘interpretive’ fiction

Midnight in Paris 3/17 GD
Have all the Great books been written?

Writing Technique

Cold Open 06/16 Atthys

How to do the opening of your novel

What A Day For A Dream Sequence 06/16 Atthys

Dream sequences in fiction

The Monstrous and The Metaphorical 09/16 Atthys

A discussion of the ‘metaphor made flesh’ in fiction

Me And Hemingway 11/16 Atthys

The complexity (or not) of your sentences

On Characters, Thrills and Getting Laid 08/16 Curtis

Psychology, or the lack of, in thrillers

Writing Charms 10/16 GD
How a talisman can help you write

IDK 11/16 GD
Truth versus facts in fiction

Beyond The Net 11/16 GD
Researching your novel other than on internet

Nonsense And Stuff 07/16 Jack Penny

Writing nonsense fiction

These Dancing Feet 06/16 Mimi

Researching material for your novel

Bear Grylls, Here We Come! 10/16 Mimi

Different ways of approaching descriptions and psychology

POV explained 12/16 Carl

An easily digestible guide to point of view

GMTA 1/17 GD
Where do your story ideas come from?

Characters Matter 2/17 GD
The impact on Humanity of Fictional Characters.