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“Heed the Darkness” by Kim Michelle Ross

My debut novel, Netherrealm Book 1: Heed the Darkness, has been released by Silk Odyssey Press. It’s the first in a Historical/Contemporary/Fantasy trilogy, a twisted tale of reincarnation set amidst history with a large dash of fantasy. There’s, romance, intrigue, sex, war, and murder in 12th century England as well as glimpses of the 21st century.

The story starts on a hot 1133 summer’s day and we meet the main players Bethany de Lise, Elena de la Chatelaine, Gerrat de Ashbore and Alice, a Saxon servant. The three girls go on a strange adventure to a stone circle and on the same day at the exact time Jared Ashbourne visits the same site in 2003. A time slip occurs and connects medieval England to the 21st century. But, as the timelines converge, Bethany de Lise, is psychically linked to her future self as Dayna Barnes, and Jared gets a direct feed to his own past life experiences as Gerrat de Ashbore.

However, an evil presence has been lingering about the girls for many years and it catapults itself from the 12th century and into the modern era.

The medieval story is written in the third person, alternatively narrated through Bethany, Elena, and Gerrat. It tells Bethany and Gerrat’s budding love story as war erupts between King Stephen and Empress Maud and the fracturing of England’s people. And of Elena de la Chatelaine as she descends into madness when a vengeful spirit attaches itself to her and uses Elena’s body for its own murderous vendetta. Also witness the effects of how Bethany and Gerrat’s 21st-century counterparts, Dayna Barnes and Jared Ashbourne, are connected through their dreams and as the past-present timelines continue to randomly collide and mess with their current lives. The subplot explores Robert of Gloucester’s 1135 plot to overthrow King Stephen and Gerrat’s part in it. When the traitorous plan is discovered it forces Gerrat to flee the country and abandon Bethany leaving her vulnerable to the evil spirit’s treacherous plots.

Netherrealm Book 1: Heed the Darkness

Kim Michelle Ross