Who are we? 

A small group of writers, published and unpublished, who met on the Book Country website. From GD Deckard came the idea of a Writers’ Co-op: A website-based marketing platform built by writers, for writers. The purpose of the Writers Co-op is to provide promotion, marketing ideas and exciting reading lists to new and veteran writers alike.

Where will this take us? Time will tell. For the moment, our aim is modest: to provide a space where writers and readers can meet, chat, swap opinions, share experiences and generally hold forth on a topic they hold dear – writing and reading.

To that end, we’ll be posting regularly ourselves, but also looking for contributions from others. The writers’ co-op isn’t a closed club, on the contrary. Guest posts are welcome on all matters relating to the writing process itself, as well as publishing, marketing and promotion. Use the contact page to submit a proposal – we’ll be in touch!

Writers Co-op also offers the chance to exchange critiques with fellow authors. If you’re interested, please indicate we may use your email address to notify you of the guidelines and each month’s deadlines to submit your WIP, receive critique partner assignments, and complete your critique exchanges via email with your critique partner/s.

In the longer term, the Co-op will also provide a members’ area. Here authors will submit their published work to be reviewed and, provided it meets certain standards, promoted on the website. How high will the bar be set? How fierce will the gatekeepers be?  Well, let’s just say that grammar, spelling and readability need to be tiptop. ‘Readability? What’s that?’ you ask. Yes, wonderfully vague, isn’t it? And that, for now, is how it’ll stay. But you get the idea. Decent, enjoyable books, self-published or not, will be welcome. Dross will not.

But who are we?

GDG.D. Deckard: “Growing up, I expected that as an adult I would know the answers to life’s secrets. Deeply disappointed to learn otherwise, I determined to make up the best answers I could imagine, and, not being particularly religious, turned to writing science fiction.”

photo (2) copyMimi Speike: Always an introvert, more and more so as I’ve aged, I found my voice in writing. And I discovered a wicked sense of humor I never knew I had. My genre is stylish (literary) nonsense, aggressively arch. Some in my family are amused by what I’ve penned; some (the religious branch), if they ever read my novella (unlikely!), may never speak to me again.

d4b0ff13-716d-49eb-9fdf-d526795502e9.jpgAtthys Gage: I always resisted writing. I had the impulse, of course, but I suppose I was intimidated by the writers I admired and knew I’d never measure up to. But after ten years trying to make it in rock bands and later as a singer, I finally gave in. I was right. I don’t measure up. But I do keep trying.

BiopicCurtis Bausse: Welsh by birth, English by education, long-time resident of France. Still curious, but coming to terms with my ignorance. Happy as long as I have a notebook, a pen and a chair. Author of the Magali Rousseau Detective Series.


10 responses to “About”

  1. S.T. Ranscht Avatar

    Ms. Speike refers to her “novella” but it does not appear on the Books page. Were the rest of you so threatened by her wicked sense of humor and aggressive archness that you determined it “did not make the grade”? Will her novella soon be included on your list?


  2. atthysgage Avatar

    Sue. We’re all Mimi Speike fans in this neck of the woods. When she’s ready to show the world her novella, it’ll be here.


  3. S.T. Ranscht Avatar

    Atthys. I shall remember in future to include a little smiley face when I’m being facetious. 🙂


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    […] Source: About […]


  5. brandsnovels Avatar

    I’ve been writing since the age of five but I’ve never been serious about getting any of my work out till now and I’m near fifty years old.
    I’m not the sharpest tack in the box and as I’ve gotten older my elevators seem to get stuck between a lot of floors and my thinking cap
    warps with even the simplest of tasks and/or basic rules of English and writing.

    I know this is not an excuse but I want to get my work out because it’s very therapeutic for me and I just love writing.

    I came across your website in one of the writing groups and I’ve read the bio’s on several of you.

    I wanted to say that I am happy there are people out there in this crazy world like all of you and hats off for what you do to help others.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. curtisbausse Avatar

      Thanks for the positive comment. Glad that we can be of help!

      Liked by 1 person

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  7. kmoser56 Avatar

    I have entered into a world of magic here. Dipping my toes in, I long to jump into the waters.

    Liked by 2 people

  8. SirPeterJames.com Avatar

    Thank you for your subscription to my blog. You have a unique concept presented on a dynamic and refreshing site; well done!

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