The Motley Scriveners


Hear ye, hear ye! The Motley Scriveners are gathering at

The site is currently under construction, so there isn’t much to see just yet. But the top line menu contains a link to my own draft page, THINKING IN INK, so you can see one design option.

You are free to choose how to use your Page, within WordPress’s TOS. Examples include, but certainly are not limited to:

  1. Sharing your stories, poems, essays, WIPs
  2. Asking for critiques of the writing you share
  3. Exploring life, your thoughts, any topics that interest you
  4. Choosing a theme for your Page and writing to that

Here’s how it will work: You choose a name for your Page — and I do mean Page, not Post. If you write a Post, it will go to the Home page, not your own Page. I’ll make sure you have the authorization to access the Dashboard. To create a Parent Page, write a little introduction about yourself and what you plan to do with your subsequent articles.

  1. Click on My Sites in the upper left corner
  2. Click on Pages > select New Page
  3. Choose Blank Page or one of the offered templates
  4. Compose your article
  5. Click Save Draft (You will be able to work on any draft article as long as you need to.)
  6. Email me at to let me know when your article is ready to be published so I can make sure it ends up under the correct menu. Barring emergencies, I will publish your article within 24 hours — usually much sooner than later.

Once your introduction is ready for publication, I will create a top menu item named for your Page on The Motley Scriveners website. Mimi will create a card that will include your page’s title and a blurb about your page. As an example, here’s Sandy’s blurb: “Where Chaos, Anarchy, and a wee bit of the Big Bang reign!” (Thank you, Sandy.) We won’t authorize you for creating your page until the Home page is locked down, but please think about what you want to call your page and how you want to describe it.

We’re excited to have you join us here!


2 responses to “The Motley Scriveners”

  1. GD Deckard Avatar

    The correct domain name for the Writers Co-op is (Writers is plural)

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    1. Sue Ranscht Avatar

      Thanks, GD! You gave me the impetus to see if I have the authority to change the Home page. I do, but I can’t change the URL. Darn. (Psst, don’t tell Mimi, lol.)

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