Weird Stories Volume One

The Rabbit Hole: A Writers Co-op Production

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How do you like your weirdness? A subtle nudge towards the untoward? A quick zap of zany? Or a full-on assault of aberration? Whatever your taste, you’ll find it here, and many more strains of strange that you didn’t suspect existed. From magic rain to a talking (severed) head, extraordinary eggs to belligerent birds, the stories in this collection enter the rabbit hole to explore its hidden corners and winding ways. Through all the variety, what they have in common is originality, creativity and fine writing. Are you ready to go in and see for yourself? The door to the warren is open…

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Here at the Writers Co-op we’re proud to announce the forthcoming release of the first issue of The Rabbit Hole, the first volume in what is set to become an annual event.

Pre-orders for the ebook are open now, launch date of ebook and print copy is 1st November. Readers’ enjoyment will last till 5th December. That’s assuming a rate of one story a day. What are the odds of that, though? Very slim! Because once you start, you’ll want to go further and further into the rabbit hole…