A naked short story

JPEG cover art   I’m still trying to determine whether this is a worthwhile endeavor. Self-publishing a short story all by its lonesome self provokes an internal debate–are you serious vs. why not? Is this a lame attempt to make my author page look better or a legitimate way to get my work out there?

It could be that the answer includes a bit of both. I tried several mainstream sci-fi magazines and kept getting rejected. Is this because the story or the writing is not very good? Is this because I have not yet built up my writing credentials to be given serious consideration? Are there other reasons to explain the editorial decision making? In all honesty, I am not in a position to say.

Yet, I’ve written a story and I would like to get it out to prospective readers. Publishing this solo gets the job done. At the end of the story under the  “About the author…” blurb, I put in a plug for a sci-fi novel I’ve written (and happens to be published by a small press). My thoughts are if a reader likes the short story, perhaps they will purchase the novel. At some point I’ll give the story away as a “loss-leader” to try and generate sales of other things I have written. As a marketing tool, I think the stand-alone short story might have utility.

I welcome all feedback positive or negative about the story, the writing, the cover, and the rationale for self-publishing a naked short. If you send me an email (victoracquista@victoracquista.com) I will gladly send you a pdf file, a gift copy through Amazon, or both. It’s a quick read at less than 5K words. To stimulate curiosity, here is a blurb:

A reclusive physicist vanishes.
A brilliant, unexplained flash of light.
A mysterious spherical void.
A blackboard equation filled with complex calculations, a portion inexplicably missing.
A government cover up.
All explained in this classic sci-fi short story…


24 thoughts on “A naked short story

  1. GD Deckard says:

    The Marunkoff Equation is a strong science fiction short story that begs to be expanded into a classic adventure such as Asimov, Clarke or Heinlein would have written if they’d had the same access to today’s science.
    I like the author’s solid explanation of relevant quantum science that allows the story to explode in the end with ideas for the future of mankind. Like all that came after James Clerk Maxwell’s electromagnetic equations, the Marunkoff Equation is just the beginning.
    Well worth reading!

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  2. victoracquista says:

    Mimi, I sent out the pdf. I had 7 people besides myself that the message went out to. If anyone did not receive the file, please let me know.

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  3. mimispeike says:

    Victor, I’m about to post a short article on medium.com. There is the potential to be paid for a post, depending on the number of claps (likes) you get. You also have the potential of getting people familiar with your work. My thing is going up in a day or two, I’ll let you know how it goes.

    The first thing I’m posting is a lampoon of Trump via a parody of Donovan’s ‘Mellow Yellow’. Then I am going to post my novella, chapter by chapter. I’d planned to give it away anyway, to build an audience for Book One, which I will charge for.

    I will read your short story tomorrow. I will be commenting mostly on style, because I am not a huge SF fan and the tech may escape me. Style also plays a role in a success. You need both science and style.

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  4. victoracquista says:

    I contributed 5 different things (articles and short stories) on Vocal Media’s digital platform. You get paid for reads provided you meet a minimum threshold. I never met the threshold. Keep us posted on how things work out on medium.com.

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  5. mimispeike says:

    I know GD doesn’t like political stuff on here. What about the rest of you? I could make our next blog-post my just finished article for medium.com. It’s verse, the name: Yes, He’s Yellow, Not So Mellow. It starts off as a parody of Donovan’s song and goes from there. It’s a light-hearted (if that’s possible) look at Trump & Team.

    If you-all don’t want it on here, it will be up on Medium in a day or two for whoever wants to see it. I’m searching for an eye-catching image to go with it.

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  6. mimispeike says:

    I had no intention of posting it here. I only suggest it because I see nothing in the queue. Cut me off at the pass by beating me to the punch. It makes no difference to me.

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  7. GD Deckard says:

    My personal objection to turning this forum into a political forum is because so much of today’s politics is distasteful to so many people. A viewer who doesn’t know us may on first glance conclude that the Writers Co-op is just another hack site flailing one side or another and never return.

    🙂 That said, I have always felt it is any American’s duty to shoot censors. And good political satire is something I very much enjoy reading.


  8. mimispeike says:

    If there are no other posts in the queue at 11:30 am Monday (EST), I will put it up. Then we let whoever activates the things decide.

    If Curtis (or whoever) decides no, my feelings won’t be hurt.

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    • GD Deckard says:

      Oh no you don’t 🙂 Mimi. There is no censorship here. Our tradition is that whatever finished blog is in the hopper the longest gets published next. The person administering the site is not responsible for content. The author is.
      ‘Course, Atthys does have the only finished blog in the hopper now. So you are safe.

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  9. Victor,

    Wow. I love the premise of your story. Thank you for the sneak peak. Lots of little details that you connected is wonderfully cool ways. This is a very fun little read and I wonder what happens after dinner. Do you have bigger plans for it?


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    • victoracquista says:

      Thank you! At the moment I do not have any plans. I think it would make an interesting TV pilot. Subsequent episodes can get to building and using–teleport, warp, time travel. Marunkoff can be stranded somewhere (sans foot) and trying to get back. Lots of opportunity for interactions among the characters introduced in the story. As is true of many writers, I dream of film adaptations. (That is the fantasy part of SFF)

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  10. mimispeike says:

    Victor, I have read your story. You have some lovely phrases here, that impress me. They might be really terrific scientific-sounding mumbo-jumbo, or they might be concepts that Stephen Hawking is tossing around. Because of the enthusiastic response you’ve gotten, I assume it’s the latter. I get that this has to do with time travel, after that I’m lost. I admire your thinking, but I can’t truly appreciate it.

    That’s my problem, not yours.

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