Scattered* Thoughts.

*(Are my thoughts ever anything but scattered?)



My newest Facebook friend,

Alex Leslie Combs, a friend of my niece, has published a small comic book: Tittybar Tales. His website is: tittybartales.com

The amusing story is of his (formerly her) work as a stripper (to fund a sex-change operation). It’s a handsome heavy glossy stock 6×6 book that he sells on his website and at events. He is active in the San Fran community, very visible, participating in many-many activities. He contributes to several comic-centric web sites, creates posters for comic cons, pursues all kinds of visibility. He is an energetic promotor, we should all take note. Now, I know that a piece of fiction hasn’t the same eye-popping appeal as a splashy comic, but, particularly for the works of sci-fi, there are many areas to exploit.

That is his cat up there. A bit R. Crumb, don’t you think? He shows other styles as well, some more Feiffer-ish. I don’t know if his style has evolved, or if he mixes it up.

Now I have a contact on the West Coast for my bumper stickers! (When they’re ready.) Hmmm. Should I make Sly bi-sexual? 

Just kidding! Kidd-dding! It’s bad enough Sly puts the moves on a saucy capuchin monkey at Queen Elizabeth’s court.


A look at the news

adds to my vision of my own situation (sixteenth century Hameln). This is input far easier to acquire (in terms of time and energy, and on the pocketbook) than what Hemingway espoused: A writer’s job is to live life, and then to write about it.” (From memory/not verbatim.)

From Daily Mail   June 21. 2018

Swedish town is told to keep doors and windows closed
due to plague of GIANT RATS the size of cats.
  • The town of Sundsvall, Sweden, has been ‘invaded’ by rats
  • Kindergarten children kept indoors and locals told to shut doors and windows
  • The problem has been caused by the relocation of a local recycling centre
  • Rats ‘the size of cats’ caught in area, as council launch extermination campaign

Residents in a town in northern Sweden are being told to keep their doors and windows shut, due to an ‘invasion’ of rats the size of cats. The escalating rat problem in Sundsvall, caused by the relocation of a recycling centre, has even forced a local kindergarten to keep children indoors.

These aren’t the normal rats you see in the forest,’ says Benny Sagmo, head of wildlife preservation in Sundsvall, a town of some 52,000 residents. They’re as big as cats.’


I get my ideas from everywhere. I just stole a line from an idiot pastor’s speech, reported on Facebook. Those Evangelicals are good for something after all.


It  has just come to me that Sly was the original hippie. He’s trying to sell Peace and Love to some very jaded rats. Ringo Starr, eat your heart out.



8 thoughts on “Scattered* Thoughts.

  1. mimispeike says:

    I have spent a miserable week flat on my back after an injury in the garden. And I have been struggling all week with the piece below, Sly’s original composition, meant to be sung to Beethoven’s ‘Ode To Joy’ (you will see a few similar phrases) until it began to go its own way.

    (I presume an earlier folk tune. I’ve been driving my husband batty listening to fifteenth/sixteenth-century folk tunes on YouTube.)

    This is the piece that convinces Rosetta the terrified rescue-rat to trust him. He sings to her in rat, which he speaks fluently, having grown up among rats, and being a natural linguist.

    Rats are very smart, smarter than dogs, so says Google. She understands him easily.


    An Ode To Peace, Joy, And Understanding by S. Boots

    O friends, no more contention! May we try,
    though fearful wild at heart, to unify?

    As go we forth by foot, or fin, or wing,
    proud overlord or mildest underling,
    live generously all. Do not resent.
    A day a-sulk is a day sore misspent.

    If you must rebuke, do not revile.
    No good comes of a brutal burst of bile.
    Act always, as you judge it, for the best.
    I promise you, our narrow interest
    is most availed by equanimity.

    Are we not branches of a single venerable tree?
    Do we not dwell beneath the same vast, starry canopy?
    Shall we not end our days too soon, belike in misery?

    O ye millions! We are brothers!
    I embrace you! Embrace me.

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  2. Perry Palin says:

    Ode-orating: v. The act of delivering an ode or odes orally. Sometimes done in a playful or unserious manner. If the orator appears to take her/himself too seriously, auditors may assign a level of pretentiousness or vanity to the orator. Common in bars and saloons in the US Midwest during and after the close of the fishing and hunting seasons.

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  3. mimispeike says:

    I told you I steal from everyone. Now I’m stealing from Mr. Rogers.

    Sly is trying to gain the trust of a terrified baby rat, Rosetta. He puts on his Mr. Rogers voice and says, Do you like games? I have a fine game. Will you play it with me? I call it Little and Big.

    Straight out of an interview with Mr. R.


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