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Rabbit Hole 0 pre-order

The Rabbit Hole Vol 0_2-web

It’s here, folks! Well, not fully until the official launch date on July 17th, but you can pre-order now at the special launch discount price of $0.99. That’s for the ebook – there’s no pre-order for the paperback.

Some people say that doing pre-orders on Amazon isn’t a good idea because unlike the other online retailers, Amazon doesn’t wait till the launch date but calculate the sales rank using pre-order figures. This means that on the launch date itself, you’re less likely to hit a top spot in the sales rank because the pre-orders have already been counted. But nice as it would be to be up with the bestsellers, I’m not that concerned about our sales rank spike on launch date. I’d rather see a steady number of sales spread over a longer period.

So go for it! A bunch of great stories for $0.99 – what’s not to like?

Amazon            Apple              Barnes & Noble              Kobo

Later in the year, Rabbit Hole 3 will come out. At that point we’ll organise a Facebook event – games, quizzes, and a bundle of stuff to win. Stay tuned for more Rabbit Hole news!


8 thoughts on “Rabbit Hole 0 pre-order

  1. Jeannie Abbott says:


    I’ve ordered a copy of Rabbit Hole 0 straight to my Kindle – heaven.

    Thanks a lot, I look forward to reading all the weird stories.

    Thanks also for everything you are doing with all the anthologies, it must be hard work.

    Keep Safe,


    Liked by 4 people

  2. mimispeike says:

    I’ve finally gotten over my fear of Kindle. It wouldn’t open for me on my old Mac. If I wanted to read I had to reinstall it every damn time. It (seems) to work fine on my new Mac. Next time I go to Amazon I will order this. I’m making a list of all the things I’ve meant to buy, but saw no point to it because I couldn’t get at them.

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