The Writers’ Co-op invites submissions of short stories (and poems) for the third edition of our yearly anthology, The Rabbit Hole, scheduled for release in September 2020.

This year marks a new departure, in which we explore how ‘weird’ fits into a genre. And we’re kicking off with ‘romance’. Do your aliens fall in love? Is your young hero consumed, swallowed and digested by desire? Does your ageing husband bring his passion back to life only to find it’s not what he thought it would be? The possibilities are endless.

Perhaps you never read romance. Perhaps you’ve never written it. So much the better! Who knows what lies outside the box? Couples who’ve escaped from it, couples desperate to get in. Couples who may not be couples at all, or if they are, they’re certainly very weird: Narcissus and his reflection, God and the Virgin Mary, Eija-Riitter Berliner-Mauer (who fell in love with the Berlin Wall, but when it got torn down started dating a garden fence)…  Or male and female in one – what could be weirder than that? Do you know the Potter Angelfish? It starts life as a female, then switches over to male – a handy technique used by Virginia Woolf’s Orlando, though in the opposite direction.

I’ll stop there. You’ve got the idea. In fact I’m sure you’ve got plenty, and you don’t need me to give you more. Simply bear in mind that ‘weird’ doesn’t always mean outlandish – it can be subtle, discreet, even furtive. Witty too, or burlesque – we’re always open to humour. Or even, at a stretch, humor. We look forward to discovering whatever means you choose to warp, subvert, disfigure, disguise or otherwise befuddle the concept of romance.

There is a maximum word count of 5000. This is more a guideline than a strict limit – quality is the main criterion, not length. So a great story will be accepted, whether it’s 6000 words or 200 (flash fiction is welcome). But we’re looking for short stories, not novellas or extracts from novels – the story should be complete in itself. Though the anthology will be comprised mostly of stories, there will also be room for some poems or pieces of an experimental nature.

The deadline is 31st March 2020. Submissions should be sent in an attached file to curtis.bausse(at) with the subject ‘Co-op submission’. They may have been previously published on personal websites (or elsewhere) but authors must have full rights to them when submitting. Authors will retain said rights after the story or poem is published in the Writers’ Co-op anthology.

Writers whose stories are selected will have the choice between keeping their share of the royalties or donating them to the Against Malaria Foundation.

To get an idea of type of stories published so far, you can get The Rabbit Hole volume one and The Rabbit Hole Volume two at a special discount price of $1.99 (until 31st January).

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16 responses to “Rabbit Hole 3: Call for Submissions”

  1. cassandraparkerauthorblog Avatar

    When I click on the link for volume 1 it goes to Amazon and shows a price if $2.99

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    1. curtisbausse Avatar

      Oops, yes, I drafted this a while ago intending to change the price before it went live – then forgot to do so. Just done it now, though it might take a day to go though. The price is $1.99 – Amazon wouldn’t let me go lower, due to the number of pages, no doubt. Thanks for pointing out the mistake.

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  2. Carl E. Reed Avatar

    Good to know the Rabbit Hole series is still going strong! I have a short six-pager I’ll be submitting later this evening that fits the bill of “weird romance” precisely. Spike-armed hugs and cilia-mouthed kisses to us all! (Or not. I think I just grossed myself out. . . .)

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    1. Sue Ranscht Avatar

      Haha! You grossed me out, too, Carl. After banging out a story today that awaits mulling over, it turns out the only romance I can imagine writing is weird.

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  3. Sue Ranscht Avatar

    Romance — bah humbug. Weird romance . . . hmmm, let me think . . . it’s coming to me . . . YES! I can have it both ways! And the result will be — satisfying and redemptive.

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  4. Mellow Curmudgeon Avatar

    After reading the 3 paragraphs about ‘weird’ fitting into the ‘romance’ genre, I feel MUCH better about the decision to hitch each RH-x (for x > 2) to a genre.

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  5. Liz Gauffreau Avatar

    Best wishes for your next anthology! (I don’t write weird, just depressing.)

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    1. Sue Ranscht Avatar

      Oh, Liz — you don’t know what you’re missing! Lol.

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  6. atthysgage Avatar

    I find the whole idea of writing pretty weird, so I wouldn’t get too hung up on the label.

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  7. mimispeike Avatar

    I’m on it! The wheels are turning.

    Sly meets Sha-Sha at a court masquerade ball, to which he’s taken by John Dee. A little female just his size catches his eye immediately. She’s dressed in high style. She’s wearing a fabulous jeweled whole-face cat mask. (Found it on the web, in a photo of a years-back Paris collection. I glommed onto that immediately. I have the start of another paper doll.)

    She’s obviously not a cat, she has hands–and fingernails!–like people do. She’s able to wear rings, something he’s always wanted to do but can’t. She has lovely long, slender fingers decorated with actual tiny rings! That alone knocks him on his ass.

    He’s smitten, head over heels for the little person, who is Elizabeth’s pampered pet and confidante, who moves in the highest circles.

    Sly is A Fool in Love.

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  8. Weird Works Wanted in 2020 | Mellow  Curmudgeon Avatar

    […] and 2 of The Rabbit Hole have many good stories and some gems.  Links to those volumes are in the call for submissions for Volume 3, which I will just call “RH-3” below.  Here is an […]


  9. Mellow Curmudgeon Avatar

    In my own weird (of course!) way, I promoted this call for submissions on my blog.

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    1. GD Deckard Avatar
      GD Deckard

      🙂 YaY! 🙂 Thank you!

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  10. Boris Avatar

    What is the situation with Volume 0? I have a story that was in discussions to be possibly included in Volume 0.

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    1. curtisbausse Avatar

      On its way, Boris! Release planned for May or June. I’ll be in touch very shortly concerning your story.

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