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The Rabbit Hole Volume Zero

The Rabbit Hole Vol 0_2-web

The world is weird. If any proof was needed, the first few months of 2020 provided it. But did we need proof? Didn’t we already know that you only have to scratch the surface to see the weirdness beneath? Sometimes it oozes out, suppurates, infects; sometimes it leaps out, takes root and blossoms.

We get used to it, carry on as if it wasn’t there. But we have it inside us – we are weird. What you see as normal is just the sum of abnormalities that you experienced last week, yesterday, this morning – so of course you’ll experience it tomorrow. Or will you?

Zero. Now, that’s a strange number. Its first recorded use was in ancient Babylon, but it didn’t reach Europe till the 12th Century. A round hole of nothing, containing everything. Black hole, wormhole, sinkhole, loophole… is it the beginning or the end? Welcome to the Rabbit Hole. Weird.

Volume Zero of The Rabbit Hole is a collection of texts from 12 invited authors who have also participated, with different texts, in the other volumes. Though published chronologically between volumes 2 and 3, it can be seen as an introduction, offering a good entry point to the series as a whole.

It’s due for release on 17th July, but if you want to read it straightaway, no problem – fill in this brief form and I’ll send you an Advance Review Copy so that you can post an honest review on Amazon when it is launched. Naturally we’re looking for as many reviews as possible, but please note that reviews from friends and family of contributing authors are not accepted.

The volume contains 3 poems and 10 stories ranging from 650 to 18000 words,  170 pages in all. Contributing authors are Art Lasky, Paul Stansbury, CB Droege, Tom Bont, David Rogers, Barry Rosen, a stump, S.T. Ranscht, Marc Sorondo, Mitchell Grabois, Curtis Bausse and Boris Glikman.



12 thoughts on “The Rabbit Hole Volume Zero

  1. Love the cover! Makes me think that all four covers could have been a series of the same image beginning in mostly black & white for vol 0 with increasingly significant color added until vol 3 is all color. But that’s hindsight. And you don’t jump into a rabbit hole armed with hindsight. What would be the fun of that?

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    • victoracquista says:

      Nice cover! The more weirdness the better. Totally appropriate to come between RH2 and RH3 in keeping with the spirit of weird and unorthodox.It just gets betterer and betterer.

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  2. mimispeike says:

    Curtis, I’m confused. Is it Amazon that doesn’t accept reviews from friends and family? Would they take a review from a member of the writer site publishing?

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    • Yes, Amazon is strict about that, though how they define friends and family remains mysterious and seems on occasion to be arbitrary. But I they’d accept a review from visitors to this site as long as they’re not actually involved in the publication. .

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