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Online Montmartre

Imagine if you will, a gathering of writers, illustrators, publishers, editors, publicists, personal assistants & purveyors of writing paraphernalia sharing expertise and enjoying one another’s company. No matter what your writer’s question, probably someone here will happily reply based on their own experience.

Writers Groups exist online for you to join and interact with according to your own schedule. I belong to the SciFi Roundtable on Facebook, a group of writers serious about their work but with a hearty sense of humor and tolerance for the writing life. Different opinions are respected, even encouraged. (Avoid opinionated and competitive groups; they are vexatious to the spirit.)

While you can make connections and build rewarding friendships in writers groups, the real value of finding your own online Montmartre is the synergy of creative, hard-working minds similar to your own. The right group will teach, entertain and inspire you. You know it’s the right group when people take pride in helping others become successful.
Oh, and just sayin’, you’ll probably also want to join a readers group in your genre. 🙂

But, enough work. Go eat:

From All Of Us Here At The Writers Co-op!!


5 thoughts on “Online Montmartre

  1. I feel like I fell into a bountiful group of fantastically accomplished writers. I am thankful that y’all are letting me hang out with you. Happy thanksgiving to everyone who lives in the colonies and happy Thursday to the rest of the planet!


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  2. mimispeike says:

    We are having Thanksgiving dinner for nine today: three people and six cats. And I don’t have to cook. That means I have plenty of time to sit at my drawing table. Will I have anything to show for it?

    Happy Non-Thanksgiving, Rob. We are very glad you’re here.

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  3. mimispeike says:

    “The right group will teach, entertain and inspire you. You know it’s the right group when people take pride in helping others become successful.”

    The right group will teach, entertain and inspire you. Yes!

    But: is expressing an unpopular opinion (always in the spirit of helpfulness) counterproductive to the goal stated above?

    Your Online Montmartre shoot-the-shit topic is something we should do more often. A great idea, GD.

    Still haven’t picked up a pencil. Well, I have all weekend.

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  4. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who gathers here!

    @Mimi: No, expressing an opinion–popular or unpopular–is never discouraged at our Co-op. I think what GD means by “vexatious to the spirit” are the kind of people who seem have but one or two pet hobbyhorses and never tire of flogging them, long past the point where one party pleads in exasperation “can’t we just agree to disagree”?

    PS. I’m back to “liking” comments I, err . . . like. Seems churlish to refrain from clicking that “stroke” button unless everyone refrains from doing so. (Damn you, quick-cheap-blast-of-endorphin-delivery-mechanism-embedded-in-reactive-social media!)

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  5. GD Deckard says:

    Writers Co-op is a wonderful and close group but there are huge writers groups out there in all genres, both of writers and of readers.
    Joining the 1300 writers and others in the industry at the Sci-Fi Roundtable has exposed me to ideas I would not have had on my own and to & services I would never have known existed. Joining 15,000 Sc-Fi Fandom fans keeps me exposed to what science fiction readers like.
    All in all, the right groups are invaluable.

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