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Welcome to The Rabbit Hole!

The Anthology cover has been revealed and here it is.

This cover has been designed to stand out on a screen. It is unlike traditional book covers that are viewed by the light that bounces off of them. This one has been designed as a true electronic cover that is viewed in the glow of light coming through the image. The Rabbit Hole cover will pop out on web pages that list books for sale.

This stand-out image was created by cover artist – and author and musician – Ian C. Bristow. His works can be viewed, read and listened to, here:


9 thoughts on “Welcome to The Rabbit Hole!

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  2. The link to the cover is not obvious, when first viewing your blog post in my email, where there was no cover to see. Clicking the title of the blog was my last choice.(after visiting the artist links and not seeing a cover!) Would suggest a link on the word “here” for all of us sleepy nerds. Smile!

    Interesting cover art.

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  3. Your leading line: “The Anthology cover has been revealed and here it is.”

    This is the word “here” that I am referring to, many bloggers use that word as a stepping stone (link) to another page.

    It is superfluous when the real post is actually up, but useful for teaser posts.

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