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The Rabbit Hole Volume 2

Rabbit Hole Vol Two cover

The second volume of The Rabbit Hole is every bit as flumbiferous as the first. Which is just as Alice likes, because weirdness abounds and the warren never ends. Are you out for revenge? You’ll need the right app. Or perhaps you’ve done something foolish? Never mind – it can be undone. Would you like to be in a video game? That too can be arranged – at a cost.

All this and more in 29 stories to leave you pondering realms beyond our perception. Unless, perhaps, they’ve been there all along but we just weren’t looking the right way.

29 writers, 29 ways into weird.

Available for pre-order at for just 99¢ at:

Amazon                    Other major retailers

Contributing authors: Edward Ahern, Marie Anderson, Édgar Avilés, Curtis Bausse, E.F.S. Byrne, Steph Bianchini, Jon Black, Glenn Bruce, GD Deckard, Rhonda Eikamp, Brad Fiore, J.G. Follansbee, Steven Gepp, Boris Glikman, Geoff Habiger, Jill Hand, T.A. Henry, Jessica Joy, Simone Martel, Dennis Myers, David Rae, Alistair Rey, David Rogers, Barry Rosen, Kim Ross, JJ Steinfeld, Mack Stone, Stanley Webb, Tom Wolosz


10 thoughts on “The Rabbit Hole Volume 2

  1. mimispeike says:

    I’ve gone to Amazon to order it, and can’t get into my account. Is it because I’m on a new computer?

    They now insist on sending a one-time password to my email, but when I go to my email to get it, I can’t get back to my log-in page. I have to start over. So I tried opening my email in Safari, to have the two sites open side-by-side. I couldn’t get in there. (I remember resetting that password a while back when my email wouldn’t open for me and I can’t find where I wrote the new password down. In Chrome the password is permanently displayed, in dots, of course) So I reset that password. I’m giving up on Amazon for the day. I’m too crazed to continue. I’ll try tomorrow.

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  2. Perry Palin says:

    Congratulations on Volume 2. I’ll be waiting for the old fashioned paper version. I have different but totally disabling computer problems than Mimi; I can’t download anything of any size with our slow ISP. And then I am old fashioned and I like a paper book.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Thaks, Perry.Because I’m travelling right now, I wasn’t able to order a proof of the print copy, so I hope it’s all ok. It looked fine on the Amazon previewer, but you’ll let me know when you have the copy in hand!

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  3. victoracquista says:

    Preordered my copy. Was not familiar with the word “flumbiferous” and looked it up, but the only references linked to the Rabbit Hole. Don’t dissuade me from the conclusion that this is a make believe word that draws you immediately down the Rabbit Hole where anything might be real. Brilliant!!

    Liked by 3 people

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