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The Writers Co-op was established April, 2016, by a handful of refugees from Penguin’s writers’ website, Book Country. Our first post is
Here we are!

Enjoy the writing life with us.

We swap and share news, opinions and experiences about writing, from first paragraph to finished product and beyond. Especially beyond, as Curtis Bausse wrote in our first blog: Because who wants to write a book and then not promote it?

Your blogs are welcome. New bloggers can contact GD[at]Deckard[dot]one for inclusion. Promote your work. Share your anecdotes and analysis, thoughtfulness and humor, awards and recommendations, opinions, rants and wackiness.

Everyone in the writing life is welcome. Writers, editors, agents, publishers, artists, marketers, Et al.

You’ve come to the right place. Have fun.


10 thoughts on “ABOUT US

  1. Hi All,
    Just a quick reminder that the submissions deadline for “The Rabbit Hole vol. V, Just Plain Weird”, is only a month away on April 30th.
    If you need more information, just look up at the right side of the page. Highlight the toolbar where it says “Rabbit Hole” and click the “submission guidelines” on the dropdown.

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    • We need your submissions. We do have quite a few but many of the submissions are just weird scenes. It’s not sufficient to have weird characters thinking weird thoughts & doing weird things. It has to be a story.

      That said, we have received some excellent stories and I believe any of us would be proud to have our story in “The Rabbit Hole vol. V, Just Plain Weird”.

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  2. mimispeike says:

    I’ll take another look at Miss Spider to see if I consider it done and groomed.

    Between my various projects, and pieces for Showcase, I am stretched to the limit. I wanted to write a post this week for here, on the ‘Magical Places’ that Tennessee Williams mentioned, but lacked the energy to do so. I’ll try for next week.

    It’s a mystery to me what sort of thing would do best here, in terms of coaxing participation. I go for pieces of general interest–I believe they are, anyway–that can be repurposed down the road.

    Here’s a book that I intend to buy, it looks fascinating. Follies of God: Tennessee Williams and the Women of the Fog. The quote about Magical Places is out of this book. The blurb on Amazon:

    This portrait of Tennessee Williams lifts the veil on the heart and soul of his artistic inspiration: the unspoken collaboration between playwright and actor.

    At a low moment in Williams’s life, he summoned to New Orleans a young twenty-year-old writer, James Grissom, who had written him a letter asking for advice. Williams sent Grissom on a journey on his behalf to find out if he or his work had mattered to those who had so deeply mattered to him. Among the women and men with whom Grissom talked were: Lillian Gish, Jessica Tandy, Eva Le Gallienne, Maureen Stapleton, Julie Harris, Bette Davis, Katherine Hepburn, Elia Kazan, Marlon Brando, John Gielgud, and many more.

    I buy many books. Not all of them get read cover to cover. This one will.

    You may or may not be aware that Maisie Mullot had a love/hate relationship with Tennessee Williams.

    I will read Follies of God for pleasure, and for research.

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  3. mimispeike says:

    I will have something ready by Sunday night. It may not be on the Magical Places. That may have to wait until I get and read ‘Follies of God.’ I see other quotes of his that also intrigue me. I may write on one of those.

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  4. mimispeike says:

    These posts are truly fun to write, and the research I do always benefits my personal projects.

    They do take a bit of time, but I can think about a topic while I’m working on Maisie. Or in a doctor’s waiting room, as I just was, to get my Covid booster shot. Or laying in bed, waiting to fall asleep.

    I just finished my ‘Nothing’ piece for Showcase. I have two and a half days to pull something together for here. Taking my cue from Tennessee Williams, I will discuss ‘Writing as a Refuge.’ The more I read about his attitude, the more I realize it is my own.

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  5. mimispeike says:

    I’m looking at Scribophile. I haven’t visited there in a very long time.

    They have a ton of traffic. That’s good. You have a lot of competition to get noticed. That’s not so good.

    The topics are more specific, and, frequently, of a low-fruit nature. (What are you reading?) If you have a question and want a wide range of answers, that’s the place to go.

    I like Writer Coop because I can ramble a bit. I ramble in my fiction, that’s the way I operate.

    I just learned this on Scrib–someone wrote: “Kindle keeps sending me $10 a month, which I think it just part of the Vella pool money everyone gets who has a story posted in Vella.”

    That’s one way to make some easy money, if true. I don’t know if you get $10, period, or $10 for every story you place there. (Probably the former.) Well, $120 a year, better than nothing, right?

    If we could marry their enthusiasm to our approach, we’d have a hell of a site.

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