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My first two weeks:
The humanity cascading down my Facebook page needs filtering, of course. I want to learn from other authors. They get invites. **Purged are the space-wasters – haters, fanatics, scammers and whores may have their story but I am not here to write it. Everyone else is appreciated. Well, I occasionally knock off the loudly ignorant, the maudlin, the chanters of feel-good gibberish, a proselytizer or two, even the emotional yo-yos when they don’t know when to stop. Still, I have over 1400 “Friends.” Some are generous authors happy to share what they know while others would kill your mother for a Popsicle if they were hungry.
But what else should one expect from the crowds on Main Street, Earth?

I am not here to sell books. Happy as I am to see the hits jump on my book’s webpage, I came to see today’s authors and the books they are writing. Posting my book is just flashing my badge.
Most authors seem like myself. They like to write, they like being authors, they don’t sell many books but two out of three keeps them writing. Granted, I’m not friended with James Patterson, Steven King or JK Rowlings but I ‘could’ be chatting up a future Rowlings, King or Patterson. That thought keeps me respectful.

Social media, by its nature, skews the sample towards social people and social themes. There are more women authors on Facebook than men authors. Facebook authors are usually outgoing, happy to share books or thoughts on genres, plots, characters, publishing, marketing or any topic related to life as a writer.
I like them. I learn from them.

It’s a humbling experience. So many people who know more about any topic than do I are happy to set me straight. My reference to the War Powers Act was expanded in a reply from a judge who kindly explained why I was right but …not really on target. My comment in another discussion was labeled a “red herring” by someone who knew.

True, some here have unusual kinks in their DNA helix and always remember that you are talking with faceless strangers even when they put a face to the talk. I received a friend request from an active duty soldier. The photo showed a wholesome young woman in US Army uniform at her desk. Her account page said she was born in NYC, currently living in Damascus, Syria. Right.
Y’gotta love Humans.
**Addendum. Note: Do not use the word “purged” or the phrase “knock off.” My use of those elicited a happily rabid response from a fanatic agreeing on the necessity for “culling the rat fuck bastards” who can “be erased with the push of a button on a suicide vest.”
Apparently, word choice can be critical here.

Writing at my desk with Facebook but a click away is like writing while sitting in a sidewalk cafe where one only has to look up to engage people going by. Talking with people having similar interests is a refreshing break. So if you’re a lover of books, please send me a friend request. I’m in front of Ducky Smith’s SciFi Roundtable cafe. I’ll hold a chair for you.
+++– GD Deckard


24 thoughts on “Facebook Street Cafe

  1. Better you than me, GD! Though I must admit: I did enjoy reading the details of your Facebook adventures secondhand: all of the excitement and adventure sans the bug bites and dysentery, so to speak.


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    • GD Deckard says:

      Yup, Carl, I thought of your wisdom in ignoring social media. So far, I’ve yet to find any credible story of significantly increased book sales. And despite my attempts to focus on writers, 90% of the traffic is about anything else. The one benefit has been to see first-hand the efforts some make to sell a few books. They’re impressive, or manic, I’m not sure which.

      I’ll stick with it awhile, if only to better understand a large segment of the writing population, their market, and the various (not to say, nefarious) ways of those catering to them.

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  2. mimispeike says:

    Aside from getting advice on the WIX site, and using my own page as a place to park stuff for easy retrieval, I am not overly impressed with FB. And there is so much announcing, promotion, etc. of books that you tune it out very quickly.

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    • GD Deckard says:

      You’re exactly right, Mimi. Facebook posts are 90% ex-horse-oats. I’m attempting to winnow down my “friends” list to those who mainly post about writing itself. ๐Ÿ™‚ Wish me luck.
      If possible, I’ll learn things about our craft that I’d never have thought of myself.

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  3. atthysgage says:

    I have my problems with Facebook, but there is a group of acquaintances I enjoy following. And I’m sure there are people who only know when I’ve written a new book when I post about it on FB. Beyond those half a dozen folks, I don’t think Facebook has ever generated more than a few sales for me. But I keep trying. Like Mimi said, I tend to tune out most other author’s announcements just as quickly as they doubtless do mine.

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    • GD Deckard says:

      There is an overload of books being promoted on Facebook. Too many to focus on even the interesting ones. Makes me wonder if some scientific principal is at work. Something to the effect that if enough writers are allowed to promote enough books, none are promoted. Maybe based on the idea that focus requires exclusion.

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  4. mimispeike says:

    I see Nickie’s promo on there. It says (something like) Want a quick read this weekend? Try . . .

    Touting a book as a quick read is guaranteed to make me steer clear of it. But on Facebook, that may appeal to that readership.


  5. mimispeike says:

    I’ve been working on a blog post. It’s not going to be ready for Monday now. My husband had a (small, they say) stroke this morning. I’m at the hospital, just ducked home to get him a book and to feed the cats.

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    • So sorry to hear that, Mimi! I take some comfort from the words “small stroke”. (Though I do fully realize that saying “small stroke”, in this context, is the equivalent of saying “a small tornado hit our house last night”.) Wishing him–and you–the best: a speedy recovery and continued future good health. Echoing Atthys: please keep us informed.

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  6. mimispeike says:

    Thanks, Atthys. I will. They say it was a very small stroke. In case anyone wonders why I’m on here, in the midst of a horrible horrible day, this little bit of normal calms me down a bit.

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  7. mimispeike says:

    Well, it looks like he comes home tomorrow. Nothing showed on the cat scan, nor on the MRI. That means it was a very tiny stroke. He’s pretty OK but his balance is not what it should be. One side of his mouth droops a little, but that’s about it. Oh, for a day he couldn’t swallow, but now he can, with care, his head tilted to one side. The worst is, they say that if he had one stroke, he could have another. I think we have been very lucky. I’m a wreck, and I have to hide it best I can.

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    • GD Deckard says:

      That is GREAT news, Mimi ๐Ÿ™‚
      Don’t worry about us. We’re fine. Busy.
      When you finish your piece on Ursula Le Guin, feel free to go ahead and publish it if my current piece is still up.

      Thanks for the update on Eberhard!


  8. mimispeike says:

    My stomach is tied up in knots, feels horrible. I’m trying not to show it. I hadn’t looked at my emails all week, and there were so many I went quickly through, delete delete delete, probably tossed yours by accident Carl. Send it again, or tell me what you said.

    I’m a wreck, people. Tomorrow is Eberhard’s 80th birthday. I’m hoping to have a lovely day with him. He has been so healthy all his life, he was a swimmer, a gymnast, a sailor, a skier, very active. He was an ice skater on the canals on the Dutch-German border. Hans Brinker! Or was that the guy with the finger in the dike?

    I thought it would go on forever. Maybe this was a blip, maybe he will. Another ten years is close enough to forever for me.

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  9. mimispeike says:

    I will have a post up tomorrow. I can’t promise it will be meaty, but I will have something. Another light-weight piece, probably. Sly is on the front burner right now. I am making good progress. I think.

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  10. mimispeike says:

    I’ve got my blog-post written. It should put a smile on your faces. It’s only lacking one passage that I highlighted yesterday, that I want to quote. I don’t want to turn the light on and disturb my husband. So, that’s done. I can go to sleep now and rest easy. Night-night, don’t let the bed-bugs bite.

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